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The European winter is here, and as I type this, the snow is falling gently from the night sky.  Tomorrow we will wake to a lovely fresh white blanket covering all around us and I find this time of year just magical.

So it is time to think about skiing, and learning to ski.

Have you ever wanted to learn to ski but think it is too hard?

Or do you want you child or family, to learn but have no idea where to go?

Is it time to get the kids to put down their technology, got off the phone, or the computer, and head outdoors for some healthy exercise.

It doesn’t matter if you are young or old, we found a great location that is central to all of Europe.

Here is our simple Step-By-Step list of the reasons why we chose Liechtenstein, and why you might want to as well.


©Exploramum and Explorason – Explorason ready for his first ski lesson

What Lesson To Choose

You can choose a private lesson, group lessons, single lessons, or a week-long intensive ski school. The choice is yours.

Ski School

©Exploramum and Explorason – The kids meet their instructor

Maximise Your Time

We found most parents chose the five-day ski school package, where children started on Monday and went through until Friday.

For us, we arrived half an hour early the first day to meet the teacher, and to find which group each child should be placed in according to any previous skiing experience.

Children are given a colored pull-on ID vest – tag so they are easily identified in each group for the week.

Ski School

©Exploramum and Explorason – A mix of student ages and nationalities


In Explorason’s class, the instructor spoke German and English (and I’m not sure what other languages). I heard some instructors speak Italian too.

I think the kids in his class came from Australia, China, Spain, the Philippines, Germany, Switzerland and more – a real cultural mix.

The ski school in Liechtenstein is of a very high standard, so many come from all over the world for their children to learn here.


©Exploramum and Explorason – The ski school mascot

Age Of Students

The children in my son’s class were a mix of kids from 4-years-old to 12-years-old, but their ski expertise was graded as similar. There are older pre-teen and teen groups, and adult groups too. Plus any age student can select a private lesson. And of course, male or female are welcome too.

Where To Stay

Many parents we found opted to stay at Gorfion Das Familien Hotel because the ski lessons start right out the front of the hotel. Our hotel had a large number of the guests with their children enrolled in ski lessons.

Carrying skis can be hard work for kids, so the fact that the ski storage area and the heated room is downstairs at the front of the hotel, also means the children don’t need to walk far.

To the front of our hotel the children all gathered and met their teacher, and on the last day, the awards were presented here too – a perfect location.

Snow Or No Snow

Don’t despair if the weather forecast says no snow, the ski slopes, and ski school area will have snow thanks to the snowblowers and snowplow.

Shuttle Bus and Lunch

Lunch is a must for sporty kids, so each day the ski school runs several minivan shuttle buses to return the children to the Gorfion Das Familien Hotel area. So when 12:00 noon arrives, the kids can remove their ski gear and have two hours break and a good feed before they head off again in the shuttle bus.

Once again it returns them at 4:00 pm. Some mornings it can also drive the children to their lessons.  There is even room in the shuttle for parents too.  We had a great shuttle driver – a lady who had the kids dancing to the beat of the music she played and it was a load of fun seeing the children ‘spill out’ of the van with smiling faces singing and dancing!

Hiring Skis etc

On our first day in Malbun, Liechtenstein we headed over to Malbun Sport where we arranged hire of ski pants, skis, stocks – poles, helmet, goggles, etc.  They fitted us individually and adjusted the skis to fit. Both Explorason and I managed to find pants that fitted us too (the jackets and gloves were our own), so that saved us traveling with too many bulky ski items.

You can hire for a day, a week, or a month etc.  They also have a large range of accessories and other ski and snowboard related items for sale too.

Malbun Sport is located adjacent to Gorfion Das Familien Hotel and is on the main street on the right heading into Malbun.

Ski school teachers

©Exploramum and Explorason – Ski instructors

Where To Book Your Lessons

Schneesportschule Malbun is located on the left as you drive into Malbun.  We found it is best to go in and visit them to fine-tune your requirements. We were then given a paper ticket to pass t the instructor on the first lesson.

Ski Race

On the last day of Schneesportschule Malbun ski school, the children are given an obstacle course race which also means they have the chance to win a medal or trophy.

Parents come and cheer them on – it is great fun and a big build-up to the event.

Student Acknowledgement

Each child receives a medal for participation in the Schneesportschule Malbun race, so even if they don’t win they feel acknowledged for their efforts.  First, second and third win a trophy. Each student also receives a certificate to state they have completed the class, and a mini book with their skills is also marked off for them to keep showing which level they are at.

More About Liechtenstein

Liechtenstein may be tiny, but there are many activities to do when you visit here. Make sure to contact Liechtenstein Tourism office.

Parents Have Free Time

Another great thing about ski school is that you can choose to go and sit in one of the cafés and be near your children, or you can relax back at the hotel with a coffee, use the relaxation room, have a sauna or swim etc. If you have smaller children, not in ski school, Gorfion Das Familien Hotel will take care of them in the children’s room too.

Tables and chairs with rugs and cushions are also set up out the front of the hotel so, on a fine day, this is a lovely place to enjoy the serenity of the area too.

If you are looking for a fabulous place for ski lessons,

then we’d like to suggest Malbun, Liechtenstein.

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