Where To Celebrate New Year’s Eve 2018

Happy New Year! “Champagne corks pop, fireworks bang and sparkle, cheeks and lips are kissed.  Shouts of joy erupt as guests welcome in the New Year.” A year of unknown life awaits us all. A year we hope that has fewer difficulties, and that we find more inner fulfillment. A year to make dreams come true. […]

Learn To Ski In Liechtenstein

The European winter is here, and as I type this, the snow is falling gently from the night sky.  Tomorrow we will wake to a lovely fresh white blanket covering all around us and I find this time of year just magical. So it is time to think about skiing, and learning to ski. Have […]

The Perfect Place For Family Christmas – Liechtenstein

If you’d love a white Christmas and are looking for the perfect family location, we think we found this hidden gem tucked away in the tiny ‘postage stamp size’ country of Liechtenstein. Liechtenstein may be a small country but it should not be missed, and this is our second visit, and I would visit yet […]

Ten Things to do for kids in snowy Liechtenstein

Birthday Celebrations for Explorason Turning Ten and Ten “S” Things to do in Liechtenstein One week ago, I wasn’t quite sure where we would be for my son’s 10th Birthday. Last year we planned our travels around it for months and decided as he was born on St. Patrick’s Day that it had to be […]

From sandy beaches to snowy mountains in a day

We have just finished a three-week stay at the bottom of Turkey.  Why were we here? Because we house-sat over 20 animals!  You can read about that adventure here. This morning is a bit of a late start.  The car was mainly packed yesterday, but as we couldn’t leave it parked on the property overnight […]

Snow that isn’t cold ? Pamukkale Turkey

Did I just say ” Snow that isn’t cold? ” Yes, I did! Well, is it? Read on! We are in Turkey, and what looks to be icy cold snowy hills. We have read about this place, and have our backpacks ready to hike up the hills. We park the car, and it isn’t really […]

Packing For Central America – And Visiting Chicago

Packing For Central America and visiting Chicago I am faced today with the Christmas gifts we are unable to take with us from our Christmas Day in Wisconsin and the need to be packing for Central America. This is the nightmare of everyone on a family travel. Luxury travel experts believe that anyone on a […]

Snowy Christmas in Wisconsin USA

Snowy Christmas in Wisconsin -with new friends and old- This year is going to be different as we have Christmas in Wisconsin. It is a festive season that comes after spending months on the road. We are glad that our family travel got us this far and is offering us an opportunity to have a unique […]

White Winter Wonderland Wisconsin USA

White Winter Wonderland Wisconsin USA We arrive in a white winter wonderland – Wisconsin, USA  We have been invited to spend Christmas with a friend I have known for over 28 years in Wausau and it is a white winter wonderland much to Explorason’s delight. I can see the excitement on his face as he seemingly […]

Heading For Snow In Midwest Chicago

Heading For Snow In Midwest Chicago Heading for snow – beating the blizzard Michigan New Buffalo Morning arrives and I am up at 5:30 a.m. when I come to realize that we have gained 1 hour since we are sitting on the border. So it is actually 4:30 a.m. The fog and weather are pretty […]

Grand Canyon And Arizona Snow

Grand Canyon And Arizona Snow ©Exploramum and Explorason – gorgeous glass church sits in a bed of Arizona snow We have just had two days of Arizona snow and cold weather. We had made a quick trip to stores and did the rounds on a couple of other stores to find warm clothes for this […]