Lowell Observatory At Flagstaff Arizona

Lowell Observatory

Flagstaff Arizona

We discover that places like Lowell Observatory are perfect for an alternative form of schooling – here’s why, because, today was a pretty bad day for me. I kind of hit rock bottom. It is past the three-month mark and just went flat. I had all my washing done by hand and in a bathtub, and after that, I had to deal with a rotten headache. Don’t even mention schooling my son, because it was a battle inside out hotel room!  This trip along Route 66 is amazing, but it is quite tiring.

Lowell Observatory

©Exploramum and Explorason – inside Lowell Observatory

It was a very cold day, my hands and skin were so dry, and we both had cracked bleeding lips from this cold, snowy weather. I found myself over-eating the food I had prepared in our hotel room because things weren’t going right.  This was not good.

To slow things down a little bit, I figured out that it would be a good idea to take a day off and catch up a bit. By night, I was feeling much better. However, my brain seemed to have stopped because of my headache. With all the arguments about schooling, we came to the conclusion that I would let the trip be his teacher. So we got ourselves tickets for Lowell Observatory – the home of Pluto. We then grabbed our coats and took off. It was not well sign-post and was quite up to the hills from town.

We had no idea that Lowell Observatory was not open every night. However, we had our luck right as we found it open on this very night.

It was still freezing cold and I had forgotten my gloves when we arrived at Lowell Observatory. Anyway, there are so many things that amazed us when we entered the place. First, we saw a chunk of a meteor from Meteor Crater – and we loved it.
Lowell Observatory

©Exploramum and Explorason – a piece of meteorite

Then we went into the 3D room. All the displays come alive with the glasses. We had a great time here, and we both loved the displays.
Lowell Observatory

©Exloramum and Explorason – education at Lowell Observatory

We then headed to the museum area of Lowell Observatory. There are a few interactive displays and looking in here, you can see how they discovered Pluto in 1930. Right here at Lowell Observatory!
Lowell Observatory

©Exploramum and Explorason – interactive learning at Lowell Observatory

We then headed out to the cold even though Explorason was quite fascinated inside. We were able to see galaxies with this smaller telescope that was free to use.
Lowell Observatory

©Exploramum and Explorason – telescope

We then saw Uranus with this large one (pictured below). I was unable to photograph as there is dim lighting so your eyes become accustomed to the dark and can see easily, but with the staff assistance at Lowell Observatory, we became well educated.
Lowell Observatory

©Exploramum and Explorason – the telescope that you can see Pluto with

Education and Travel

We both learned so much on this day. I felt like such trips could teach my son things I struggle with, and as they say – this is world schooling.

For anyone reading this blog and traveling with children, please don’t push the schooling. After a few months, you will find it starts to roll into place. My son even asked to do ‘Mathematics’ today. The child will get there, and it will save you one big headache!
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  • Do you know the Lowell Observatory center?
  • Have you been to the place?
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