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©Exploramum and Explorason in Guatemala

Who are Exploramum and Explorason?

This website is the story of Exploramum and Explorason as we go on personal world travel journey as we explore, learn and stay in many exciting places in this big wide wonderful world.

We are a travelling and exploring duo called Exploramum and Explorason.  I’m a single older Mum from Australia, and I have been travelling with my son around the world.

We love to focus on Random Acts of Kindness when we travel.

Anything from feeding the homeless in Hollywood, to the beggars on the streets of Bolivia.

In Fiji, we helped clothe a village, gave out walking sticks, toys and books, personal and household items, and food.  We also paid school fees & provided necessities for 2 children whose father just died, and their mother had left them.  Just recently I got a thank you note that they were reunited with their mother, and they never forgot our kindness.

I love to motivate single parents, and families to change their lives, and to go and follow their dreams. Many a single parent has written to me and thanked me for encouraging them to get out of the rat-race and to spend time with their child/ren incorporating travel.

We aim to use our blog to fund our travels.  We are sometimes given money to give out to the poor, but none has ever been kept by us.  That is because Exploramum and Explorason love to give!

©Exploramum and Explorason – helping the needy in Mexico

It is a great way to also educate my son. He learns food, culture, social skills, language, history, art, geography, budgeting, currency conversion, and so much more.

So we have sold our home, car, most of our possessions, and we have left our old life in Australia behind for now.  I also left an executive job, and my own small business, having previously also owned several businesses over the years in retail.

Exploramum and Explorason do not have a mapped out route of where we travel.  We talk and work that out as we go.

I guess my first travel experience was as a baby. I can thank my parents for my travel bug.  We have 6 girls in our family, and some of us would pile in a van that my Dad had modified, and we had a huge old army tent, and every school holidays they took us on an adventure – somewhere in Australia.

©Exploramum and Explorason – childhood travels

By the time I was 21 I had my first overseas trip. This was to Japan, UK, Europe, USA, Canada, and Central America.  It lasted a year and involved Contiki, solo travelling, mission travels, and more.

I continued my love of travel and missions through my 20’s to many countries overseas – in fact so many I have lost count.

Exploramum then added Thailand (where I learnt about a new instant print process), and came back and started an instant print and paper store.

After that, I went on 7 trips to Indonesia (actually I lost count how many), with an import business, and a retail homewares and gift store intertwined.

Travel overseas halted for a while, but I moved to Hunter Valley and Sydney and continued Australian holidays instead.

Exploramum with Explorason as a baby
©Exploramum and Explorason – Explorason’s first holiday

After the birth of my son (he had his first holiday at 4 weeks, and his first plane trip at 6 weeks old), I continued trips back and forth to NSW.  Holidays became a common thing in Fiji, as it was a safe place to take a small child, so our love for Fiji and the people was birthed.

Exploramum and Explorason
©Exploramum and Explorason – Fiji

Each time Exploramum and Explorason went to Fiji we took loads of things for the poor, thus our desire for Random Acts of Kindness was birthed.

©Exploramum and Explorason – handing out sweets to the locals

So it was not surprising that it was Explorason’s idea to go back to Fiji as the start of our journey and to take a load of toys, books and clothes to give to the children when we were there.

©Exploramum and Explorason – giving away Explorason’s toys

So thus the journey began in 2012 for Exploramum and Explorason.

Travel for us is not just about seeing. It is about making a difference too.

The more we give, the more we want to give.

It has become our addiction – to put a smile on a face.

To say “we care”.

©Exploramum and Explorason – Explorason helping a blind beggar in Peru

We love: To explore; To experience the new;  To never give up; To live life to the full; To meet new people; To give when people least expect it….. To do Random Acts of Kindness, as we see and learn, while we travel the world.

All Images are our Copyrighted images – ©Exploramum and Explorason and cannot be used without our written permission.  Please read our disclosure for further information.

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We receive many messages from readers saying we encourage them. We also take time to help single Mums who need to chat about their impending travels.  Thank you for those messages.  You encourage us too.  Please continue to send those messages as it is the reason we started this website – to encourage and inform others!

Here s one message we received from Bob of Florida, USA.

Your life is admirable….
I’d call it brave.
I remember meeting you guys…
It stuck with me.
It wasn’t the travel that impressed me…..
I was the traveled person…
It was the reason that you wandered.
Exactly the right reason.
It occurred to me, following you, that I was just one of the thousands that you have touched on your journey.
And that I was just one of the thousands that you touched too ….
At any rate….
Thanks for running about…
Because you have influenced me….and continue to do so.
Oh yeah….thanks!