Dog-Friendly Ipswich

We’ve discovered a Dog-Friendly Ipswich – it’s close to the Gold Coast, Sunshine Coast, Northern NSW and Brisbane, and is the perfect place to get away for a short vacation with your four-legged friend. With more and more people starting to travel again after the Covid-19 lockdowns, many are choosing to explore their own state […]

The Upcycle Trend – Buying Bargains Online

It’s bigger than ever – the Upcycle Trend!  People are buying secondhand and brand name designer clothing online as they become both environmental and money-conscious shoppers. eBay is seeing a surge in sales again as people look for ways to save money and still enjoy the same quality and style. Through eBay, people are able […]

The Importance Of Visualization

The Importance Of Visualization Visualization is the key to achievement and to attaining your goals – The Importance Of Visualization needs to be a matter of priority in your life.  When a person can clearly visualize where they are headed or what they want to achieve, they are far more likely not to deviate from […]

Before And After Your Safari

The excitement of planning a safari is always a huge adrenalin rush for most, as the visualization of wild animals appearing ‘before their very eyes’ occur s today we will inspire you both before and after your safari. Hopes are always high, as those going on such adventures always expect to have the best experience of […]

Learn To Ski In Liechtenstein

The European winter is here, and as I type this, the snow is falling gently from the night sky.  Tomorrow we will wake to a lovely fresh white blanket covering all around us and I find this time of year just magical. So it is time to think about skiing, and learning to ski. Have […]

Get Your Rocks Off In Bali

Recently we visited Bali.  Although maybe a lot of our readers don’t realize, being on the go is exhausting.  We don’t have our own home.  We don’t have our own car.  We live out of suitcases.  We move from place to place. Country to Country. And that is tiring. Especially as an older single Mum […]

Real Papyrus Paintings or Fake? We find out!

The last week we have been in Egypt, and have been bombarded with sellers claiming to sell us ‘genuine papyrus’ artwork. So is it real Papyrus Paintings or genuine Papyrus Paintings they offer you in the streets and markets? However, most of it is actually dried banana leaf or other vegetable matter. So here is […]

Stoupa is Stupendous

Stoupa (Peloponnese Greece) is Stupendous This sunset has a lot to answer for! We are driving along the coast, and had no idea there was a small tourist town down a little side road.  All I knew was there was an incredible sunset, and I wanted a photograph. So here I am in Greece, chasing […]

Fish Spa in Old Town Corfu

Nibble at my toes a bit more, please !! Fish Spa in Old Town Corfu It is bucketing down with rain, and I am pretty wet through, so I thought … “Why not go pop my feet into an aquarium of sucking fish?” And this is exactly what I did! I took myself into Doctor […]

Farewell Quito Ecuador and 8 months in South America

  Farewell Quito Ecuador and 8 months in South America This is one of the hardest blogs I have written. I am forced to look back. To remember both the good and the not so good — that has shaped the last 8 months in South America.After 14 months of travel, you would think I […]

Tienda Museo Antique woven fabric store in Cuzco

Tienda Museo Antique woven fabric store in Cuzco We had made friends with an Australian couple when we were in Copacabana. They had already been to Cuzco and told us we HAD to go to a small shop off the main square. We were told we would recognize it when we got inside because on […]