Learn To Ski In Liechtenstein

The European winter is here, and as I type this, the snow is falling gently from the night sky.  Tomorrow we will wake to a lovely fresh white blanket covering all around us and I find this time of year just magical. So it is time to think about skiing, and learning to ski. Have […]

The Perfect Place For Family Christmas – Liechtenstein

If you’d love a white Christmas and are looking for the perfect family location, we think we found this hidden gem tucked away in the tiny ‘postage stamp size’ country of Liechtenstein. Liechtenstein may be a small country but it should not be missed, and this is our second visit, and I would visit yet […]

Five Great Places to Visit for Christmas in Galway. Stay in budget hotels.

  Smell that? Smells like Christmas spirit to us, and every year that festive ‘whiff’ gets stronger and stronger in Galway city. Always an atmospheric city with its narrow medieval streets and bustling pubs and clubs, Galway takes on an extra-strong seasonal scent in the run-up to Christmas Day. From the transformation of Eyre Square […]

If You Could Spend Christmas Anywhere?

Recently we were asked by the famous nomads Travel With Bender, to be part of an article sharing where families would choose to spend their Christmas – if it could be anywhere in the world. Last year we spent Christmas in Romania. We visited the Christmas Markets, it snowed, and we had our own little apartment […]

Kids Make Homeless Feel Special At Christmas

Kids care about the Homeless at Christmas. Now we have returned to our home-town of Adelaide for a while, it is lovely to catch up with friends.  Last week we finally caught up with one of Explorason’s ex-schoolmates. A lovely ten-year-old girl named Charlotte, who has recently moved to the countryside. Whilst we were there […]

Christmas in Romania for Traveling Families

This is our third Christmas away from our Australian family and friends, and we sure miss the traditions we remember back in Adelaide, South Australia. For us, Christmas always started in November.  We put up the Christmas tree and decorated it very early. We owned about 50 Christmas movies and we would watch one every […]

Visiting Brasov Romania for their Christmas Markets

Visiting Brasov Romania for their Christmas Markets We decided to leave Bucharest early and drive to Brasov to stay. On the way, my gut feel was to change the tires to winter snow tires and not just rely on carrying snow chains. It was Sunday, so it was amazing that I found a little workshop […]

Exploring Bucharest Christmas Markets Romania

We decided when we were in Turkey that we would head to snow for Christmas. So on the way, we had a stop in Bucharest, Romania and country number 43 on our world trip. We mainly chose here because (we are Australian, and we have grown up with a hot Christmas, so) the idea of […]

The Truth About How Santa Started

Explorason is now nine years old. For nine Christmases, Santa has played a big part in the fun of the festive season and our family Christmas. Each year, there are visits to sit on Santa’s lap, with photographs of ‘a man in a jolly red suit with rosy cheeks and a white beard’. And each […]

Christmas in Cuba for an Australian

Christmas in Cuba for an Australian  Christmas is not celebrated in Cuba. Being communist, it was banned, but a few years ago the Pope visited and begged the government to allow the people to remember the birth of Christ.  For the few who do, this is celebrated on Christmas Eve, with a traditional family meal.  […]

Snowy Christmas in Wisconsin USA

Snowy Christmas in Wisconsin -with new friends and old- This year is going to be different as we have Christmas in Wisconsin. It is a festive season that comes after spending months on the road. We are glad that our family travel got us this far and is offering us an opportunity to have a unique […]

White Winter Wonderland Wisconsin USA

White Winter Wonderland Wisconsin USA We arrive in a white winter wonderland – Wisconsin, USA  We have been invited to spend Christmas with a friend I have known for over 28 years in Wausau and it is a white winter wonderland much to Explorason’s delight. I can see the excitement on his face as he seemingly […]