5 Things To Do With Kids In Melaka, Malaysia

While we have traveled to over 70 countries, we still find that there are some hidden gems that other traveling families ask us about. What did we do? Where did we stay? What fun places did we explore? And much more. For this reason, when we find a place that we really enjoyed, then I […]

Serbia Newspaper Kids Article

Exploramum and Explorason are featured in the Kid’s section of a major Serbia Newspaper. So here is one for all our Serbian friends to read. Come along on our journey with us – even if it is just in print !!!!!   Click here for latest vacation deals and accommodation  

Budget Airline With Great Food – Is This Possible?

We are flying from Malaysia after two glorious weeks here in Penang. Flying with a child means I always need to consider his needs, as there is nothing worse than an unhappy kid, and the inability to tend to their requirements mid-flight. Some of the things as a parent I need to consider include: how […]

George Town Graffiti is Gorgeous

We have just spent 10 glorious days in Batu Ferringhi on the island of Penang in Malaysia. ( You can read about our time here.) Once an island only known for its Betel trees (because the Betel tree fruit, the Areca nut, from where the island is ‘legend’ to have first got its name) so we are told […]

Perfect Relaxation in Penang Malaysia

We’ve just spent the best part of ten hours on buses coming from Melaka to Penang. Not one bus, but three buses! And not just driving, there seemed to be long waits where we sat for what seemed forever. On a positive note, the buses improved with each swap, with the last bus being executive plush […]

Visiting The UNESCO City Melaka Malaysia

We have just had the most incredible time in Singapore.  We have been here writing the Top Ten Things to Do for Kids and finished off with a great stay at the iconic Raffles Hotel. We wake to a rather smoggy day and the air is thick from the fires and burn-off of Indonesian fields. […]

Top Ten Reasons To Visit Langkawi Island Malaysia

Last year we visited the Island of Langkawi on our way back to Australia from Africa. Langkawi is easily accessible from Kuala Lumpur by airplane or a short ferry ride from the Malaysian mainland. It remains one of my son’s favorite place in the world. As we fondly remember our time, we decided to make a […]

Eat Your Way Around Langkawi, Malaysia

If you are heading to Langkawi, then bookmark this post. Here we share some of the best places to eat.  Some are a little unusual, and we have tried to cater to all needs, and to varying budgets also. If you are too tired, or just super relaxed, we have included some takeaway as an […]

Langkawi Malaysia Things To Do For Kids A-Z

A to Z of Top Things To Do For Kids In Langkawi, Malaysia We’ve just returned from the most fabulous week in Langkawi – which is a tiny island off the coast of Malaysia. We had so much fun we decided to put together an A to Z of things to do there for kids. Please share this […]

Hottest New Holiday Destination For Families – Langkawi

Recently we decided to continue our world journey and head from Africa via Thailand, and then onto Malaysia.  When I was researching, I discovered the hottest new holiday destination for Australian families, so we decided we just had to go and check it out. We are so glad we did. We had an amazing time, […]