5 Things That Could See YOU Bumping Into A Celebrity

As it is often said:

“Celebrities are like the wind; you always feel their presence but can never get to see them.”


©Exploramum and Explorason – some of the celebrities that have stayed at the Dusit Thani Bangkok

It is for this reason that history has a record of some of the craziest things people try doing to get close to their favorite celebrities.

However, after visiting Dusit Thani in Bangkok, I feel like I have discovered the easiest way of getting closer to Celebrities and hopefully having a quick chit-chat with them.

I made my discovery in this particular hotel since I realized that it attracts a good number of celebrities and old people.

I had to ask myself questions like “how” and “why” this hotel attracts these types of people.

Bumping Into A Celebrity

After serious scrutiny of the facility, I would like to present to you the five things that I believe determine the choice of celebrities when it comes to hotel accommodations.

Dusit Thani

©Exploramum and Explorason – Dusit Thani Bangkok – receive the celebrity treatment at their spa


Being in a peaceful environment is the desire of every celebrity. You need to understand that these are people who often fail to understand the meaning of peace since everyone is ever on their back. They have had to deal with cheers and jeers from every corner as they land in airports or step onto international podiums.

Therefore, when they finally escape from the public eye and take a vacation, they prefer spending quality time in peaceful environments. This allows them to relax their minds and gain focus as they prepare to face the world with more zeal and preparedness.

I have personally experienced such serenity in hotels like Dusit Thani, Bangkok, which as I realized, is the perfect vacation accommodation for celebrities.


©Exploramum and Explorason – Explorason chatting to one of the staff at the Dusit Thani Bangkok

Security And Staff

Do you know that even guards wish to work in safe places?

Security is not just based on the number of people manning the gates. It is more of a feeling that is wrapped around the location of the hotel and every security system put in place to assure every one of his or her security.

Celebrities always consider it over anything else. It is for this reason that I have discovered that they visit hotels that are located in secure areas and that have security systems that function.

Finding a reasonably secured hotel will, therefore, draw you closer to the possibility of meeting your favorite celebrity.

My son felt very welcome and the staff took a genuine interest in us too.

Dusit Thani Bangkok

©Exploramum and Explorason – our suite – Dusit Thani Bangkok


So many people choose hotel accommodations based on their budget. Some even feel like celebrities are only found in the most expensive hotels. I believe that this is partly false. These people are more concerned about many other things other than affordability.

They look for accommodations that promise them the same comfort they left back at home. When the bed is comfortable to sleep in, and the bed sheets are soft on the skin, they are likely to stay longer.

The atmosphere within the rooms at the Dusit Thani Bangkok; lobby area, and also different amenities have to be just right. I personally feel like such guests are attracted to Dusit Thani due to the comfort they experience when they get under their duvets to sleep or just sit down on the vintage seats in the rooms.

Let me avoid talking about beds, beddings, and seats since most of you already know that these are some of the items that define comfort and will always be of top quality here.

Personally, I love vintage items and these are displayed tastefully all around the Dusit Thani Bangkok, and that is why I found comfort in spending nights in a room that was more of a mix of old and new age.

– Dusit Thani Bangkok – Breakfast time

Matters of the Stomach

People are still confused whether we live to eat or eat to live.

As a debate about this continues, it is worth noting that food is essential to every hotel guest. Serving a variety of mouthwatering food would definitely see guests wishing to stay a bit longer in hotels.

It is an added advantage when guests, more so celebrities, are assured that food served to them is prepared and served in a clean environment since their health is often very important to them.

I love the fact that Dusit Thani Bangkok understands this and as a result has some of the best restaurants that serve a variety of both international and local cuisines so dining here could see you ‘Bumping Into A Celebrity’.

Remember, the appearance of any restaurant alone shows the type and quality of food served therein.

©Exploramum and Explorason – one of the restaurant interiors

Health and Fitness

Imagine a hotel without a swimming pool, spa or gym. I bet you find it hard to imagine. Just like you, celebrities check into hotels that have all the necessary amenities that they can use to keep themselves healthy and relaxed during their stay.

I always see the disappointment on my son’s face whenever we come across a hotel that has no swimming pool since he is a passionate swimmer.

A celebrity would probably be more disappointed if such amenities were unavailable in a hotel. After spending time in several high profile hotels, I have realized that most celebrities try to hide from public eyes by spending vacations in hotels that have numerous amenities.

With such amenities, they don’t have to constantly walk out of the hotel looking for swimming pools, spas, and many other amenities since all these are available at the hotel. It is for this very reason that Dusit Thani Bangkok attracts so many personalities. So select a hotel with 5-star amenities and you could see yourself ‘Bumping Into A Celebrity’.


©Exploramum and Explorason

Questions to our readers.

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