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We’ve just spent the best part of ten hours on buses coming from Melaka to Penang.

Not one bus, but three buses! And not just driving, there seemed to be long waits where we sat for what seemed forever.

On a positive note, the buses improved with each swap, with the last bus being executive plush seating and a double-decker.

We arrived quite late – about 11:30 p.m. and were met by a lovely man named Norman. Norman actually runs private tours and is a great guide.

You can contact Norman Scully Pen Tours & Licenced Guide

by email 

or phone +60 12 534 5233

We pre-arranged for Norman to collect us at a very reasonable price, and for him take us around to the other side of the island to Batu Feringgi.

Here we had organized a modern holiday house to stay for 10 days on a street leading down to the main road (street right opposite the beach) called Jalan Sungai Emas.

As we drove along, Explorason fell asleep, but Norman filled me with information about the island, and all the places we passed as we drove along. He was a wealth of knowledge.

It is past midnight when we finally arrive at Batu Feringgi and I’m so thankful that we could relax knowing Norman (who is also the House Manager) knows where to go. Not like the last few taxi sessions where the taxi driver had no idea – things like this can add a lot of stress to travel. Sometimes it is worth paying the little extra so you can relax.

We get to choose from 3 upstairs bedrooms, as this house sleeps eight.  I’m thankful that the air-conditioning is running and that Norman’s wife sells cool soft drinks and bottled water in the kitchen refrigerator.

It has been a long day and we both fall asleep in next to no time.

I wake really late and Explorason is still sleeping, and as I always carry my own coffee I can go down to the fully equipped kitchen for a nice French Press coffee (there is filtered drinking water) and I’m really delighted that the kitchen is modern and well equipped.

This house also had 2 bathrooms (one with a huge tub) and a separate toilet room.  So I am able to leave Explorason upstairs in the quietness of the morning whilst I use the downstairs facilities.

The whole house is light and airy, and tinted windows and doors allow privacy and cooling in the tropical weather too.

I take my coffee outside and sit in the tranquil garden.

At the end of the road, you can see the tropical rainforest ascending up the into the lush green hills.

There are no houses opposite, so a quieter street than many.


©Exploramum and Explorason – Penang holiday House – private courtyard

We are here to catch up on my blogging and hopefully some school work for Explorason.  Also, of course, to experience the buzz of the beach and local life of Penang!

Explorason finally wakes – a bit like a zombie I must say.  

He is famished and of course we have no food, but fortunately, we are not far from the main shopping area of Batu Feringgi.

We open the automatic electric gate and step out into Penang. Hard to believe we are here.  We wander down our street, and it is only a five to ten-minute stroll to the corner where local street vendors, a morning market, food stalls, cafés, and restaurants await us.

We then found a mini-mart (there are many) and stocked up on groceries and essentials. As we were only a short walk back to ‘our home’ it was nice not to have to carry them far.

Both of us are not too well with our health, so the rest of the next two days relaxing at home watching TV, catching up blogging on the high-speed wi-fi; reading our books, and not going out.


©Exploramum and Explorason – Penang holiday House – modern home

Late Friday afternoon we decide it is time to see Penang island, and we walk down on the beach.

We discover the beach is actually at the end of our street and across the main road.  Loads of vendors are setting up their stalls for the night market and it is quite busy.

Sitting at a beach restaurant and bar called Bora-Bora, we end up meeting some lovely ex-pats. The kids played and the adults talked about how the world is changing from when we were kids, and how selfies and mobile phones seem to be ruling so many people’s time. I observe people sitting using their cell phones and not communicating face to face.  They are in paradise and are missing part of ‘the moment’; unaware of the orange sunset, or the horses passing by on the beach.

We never did solve the problems of the world, but it was a great night!

Over the coming week, we became ‘Bora-Bora locals’. It was lovely to feel the sand squish beneath my toes and to have a relaxed drink and meal as we watched the sunset.  The prices were great too.

Bora-Bora also own a new cafe called Little Joe’s in the local shopping center.  If the weather was bad, we would head in here for free wi-fi and a quiet time to relax. It is the ‘rainy season’, so this was a good backup plan and only minutes from our holiday house.

On one of our last evenings, we decided we’d like a memorable dinner so we head to the beach to Golden Sands Resort at the Sigi’s Bar and Grill for some incredible food and Australian Steak dinner.

You can watch our YouTube Video here.

We sit out at the start and once again watch the sunset in the distance.  The food was just perfect.  What I love about Penang is that it is known for great food. whether it is local or exotic, your tummy is well satisfied here.

We wander back down the street to our Penang Holiday House. The streets feel really safe to walk here at night, and it is very serene and peaceful.

If you are heading to Penang we’d like to invite you to check out a holiday home as a different option than staying at a hotel.

Relax and do things at your own pace.

Perfect Penang!


©Exploramum and Explorason – Penang holiday House – secure and safe

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Bookings for Penang Holiday Home can now be made via Airbnb, FlipKey or Or you can book directly by their email.

Website: Penang Holiday House

Address: Jalan Sungai Emas, Batu Feringgi, Penang 11100  Malaysia


©Exploramum and Explorason – café’s and bars on the beach front


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