5 Things To Do With Kids In Melaka, Malaysia


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While we have traveled to over 70 countries, we still find that there are some hidden gems that other traveling families ask us about.

What did we do? Where did we stay? What fun places did we explore? And much more.

For this reason, when we find a place that we really enjoyed, then I like to tell the world about it.

And Melaka (or Malacca as it is also known) is one of those hidden gems that really surprised us. We had unexpected fun, and it is a great place to discover the history or Malaysia right on the water.

Getting there, and finding our hotel apartment

Melaka in Malaysia was one of those places. The first thing we did was check into a great hotel apartment that was really central. We love staying in apartments that are part of hotel complexes because firstly they are bigger, and also they have more facilities, but usually, we get to have a great breakfast included in the hotel package. Some booking sites don’t have these hidden gems, but we found that Traveloka is a really progressive site and ideal for Malaysia accommodation bookings.

Once you have found a great place to stay, then next I would be booking your transportation. We stupidly took the bus from Singapore to Malaysia, and after hours at the border with no food, drink or toilet facilities I have vowed NEVER to do that trip again. Later I discovered that Malaysian Airlines (MAS) have some super flight deals. Some of these attractive MAS online booking deals can also be found via Traveloka. To this day I am kicking myself that we wasted a whole day and night on a bus when in an hour we could have been there on a flight.

I have to admit that our visit to Melaka was a surprise and fun-filled experience.


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Here are the 5 things we discovered parents can do with their kids in this historic city.

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Beca Rides

A ‘Beca’ is some type of a rickshaw that is very popular in Melaka. They are so easy to spot since they are decorated with all sorts of colorful decorations. As tourists in the area, we found the ride very exciting as we were taking around the city. My son really loved it since it gave him a whole new experience that he had never had anywhere else. As the rider pedals it around, you feel more or less like a King or Queen.

You just cannot leave Melaka without using these rides. I discovered when we were there that these rides are mostly used by tourists today. Something interesting is that you are always in a convoy of many tourists as these riders show you the city. It is worth noting that one ride accommodates only two people. To me, this was perfect since I am a single mum with only one child. So if you are more than two, you will have to divide yourselves into twos and get more rides.


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Melaka River Cruise

We also discovered that there is so much to be seen when you take a Melaka River Cruise through the canals of this historical city. It is like seeing the city from a different angle. Even if there was nothing to be seen, a child is likely to be excited by the mere fact that you took a cruise into the waters of Melaka River.

Fortunately, what excites children is not just the cruise boats, but also the different historic buildings that are lined up along this river. It is both fun and a learning experience for both children and adults.

The most amazing thing is that you don’t have to break the bank to go on a cruise.


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Jonker Walk

You need to take a stroll with your kids on this street. You will be able to spot numerous historic buildings which happen to be on both sides of the street. There are also numerous shops from which you can get textiles, souvenirs, handicrafts, and antiques.

These are some of the things that will fascinate your child. You can also visit the Jonker Walk Night Market on weekends, from Friday through to Sunday. Just ensure that you confirm the opening hours to avoid disappointments. Adjacent to Jonker walk you will find some great pubs and places to relax, have a bite to eat and drink – all seem to be kid-friendly too.


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Mahkota Parade

At some point during your stay in Melaka, you will have the urge of visiting a mall for your personal needs. I advise you visit Mahkota Parade, which is a historic shopping mall that houses about 200 shops, with a number of entertainment centers, cinemas, and international brands.

These are things that will get your kid’s attention as he/she walks around and climbs through the first floor to the fourth floor of the building. There is so much fun to be experienced, cuisines to be tried, items to be bought and unique things to be seen at this place.  My son loved this center so much we went back three times!


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A’Famosa Fort And Christ Church

Your children will get to learn more about the Portuguese when you visit the historic structure of A’Famosa Fort in the historical quarter. It is actually one of the oldest European Architectural structures that have survived into today’s modern Asia.

I always believe that children need to have some continuous learning process even as they have fun. To me, this is one of those places where they can learn a lot of things within a short time.

So don’t think twice about visiting this place. It is a small place with a rich heritage.

Stroll a little down the hill and you will find the colorful 18th Century Anglican Christ Church.


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Questions to our readers

  • Have you ever been to Melaka?
  • If so, what was your favorite thing to do there?
  • Do you have any tips for our readers you would like to share?

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2 thoughts on “5 Things To Do With Kids In Melaka, Malaysia

  1. It’s good to see that Melaka is fun for kids. Most of the time, the weather is rather steamy and it can be a bit uncomfortable if you’re doing lots of walking. The river cruise sounds perfect for kids.

    • We still missed out on half of what we could have done. I’ve had a friend just spend 2 months there and I’m shocked at all the places she finds! I do agree about the weather.

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