Hottest New Holiday Destination For Families – Langkawi

Recently we decided to continue our world journey and head from Africa via Thailand, and then onto Malaysia.  When I was researching, I discovered the hottest new holiday destination for Australian families, so we decided we just had to go and check it out.

We are so glad we did. We had an amazing time, and now we want to share what we experienced with you.

We know you’ll want to visit there too.

The tiny island of Langkawi, off the coast of Malaysia, is proving to be the hottest new travel destination for the Australian family holiday.  Here’s why.


‘Quick as a wink’, and you’ll have arrived.  A short flight from Kuala Lumpur and you have landed in Langkawi (on one of the 100 islands of the Langkawi group).

Direct flights into K.L. are available from most major cities in Australia.

The Langkawi International Airport is perfectly located within Padang Matsirat which is approximately 15 minutes away from the Langkawi Island’s popular areas of Pantai Cenang and Pantai Tengah where we tended to ‘hang out’ for food and shopping. It is a prime tourist area.

We flew out using Malaysian Airlines, directly into Adelaide from K.L. and picked a night flight so we could get a few ‘winks’ of sleep too.

Kuala Lumpur is also a primary international hub, so is a great place to access on-going to travel to other parts of Asia, the Middle East, or Europe.

There is also a ferry from the mainland for those of you who want a little variety.


Be prepared to ‘Shop til you drop.’

Langkawi is Duty-Free, some visit here just to shop, and it is a great place to save on bargains on electronics, alcohol, perfumes, and so much more.

Come with an empty suitcase, and shop to your heart’s content.

Langkawi uses the Malaysian currency Ringgit, and the current exchange rate is around RM 3.10 to AU $1.00 – but, consult banks for the latest exchange rates prior to your trip.  It is a great place to experience value for your hard earned dollar.

Langkawi, Malaysia

©Exploramum and Explorason – Langkawi, Malaysia. The Brasserie – right on the beach with awesome seafood


You won’t shiver here.  The weather in Langkawi is pretty consistently hot and humid all-year-round which we loved. It does have the occasional rainfall and cloudy skies, but thankfully it’s never too drastic, and we managed to dodge the rain showers.

If you visit between November and April, you’ll love the Langkawi weather as it is a good mix of sunshine and light rainfall, with temperatures being fairly consistent during the day.  Day temps range from 30°C to 35°C.   Night temps between 28°C and 29°C. (We never needed a jacket.)

As Langkawi is situated near the equator, the island enjoys a tropical and consistent climate. This means you can visit this island paradise at any time of the year and it will look great.

Langkawi, Malaysia

©Exploramum and Explorason – Langkawi, Malaysia. Ambong-Ambong Resort Pool


Arguing over where to stay on your next vacation?  Langkawi has that covered.

We stayed in two gorgeous locations so that we could experience both the rainforest and the beachside.

First off was a short stay at a seaside resort. For those who know me, I love a morning beach walk, so we managed one of those on the very first morning.

The Holiday Villa Beach Resort & Spa also had some beautiful pools and in-house dining for those who just want to ‘veg out’ and relax. We had a great room with a balcony facing the ocean, and overlooking the incredible gardens and pool area.

After that, we moved on to Ambong-Ambong Rainforest Retreat – waking up to the monkeys as they came swinging down the trees each morning was fascinating, even if one did jump right over the balcony glass and steal my milk as I was just about to pour myself a coffee!


Sit back, and relax.  Why not enjoy total relaxation and a completely stress-free holiday like we did by using the fabulous VIP services of GC Butler.

From the moment we arrived through to helping us with boarding passes when we left, GC Butler was there to serve and assist us.  Waiting with a sign at the airport, and then taking our luggage and parking right at the front with their VIP parking with a black Limousine van service.  For the week we were there, GC Butler arranged to take us to where we would eat, and perform all planned activities from start to finish.  We were waved off by them too and left feeling like we had made new friends, and it was a load of fun ‘hanging out’ with them.

There are no public buses on Langkawi island which is actually great because it means they aren’t blocking the cute town streets that are not so wide.

Education is fun

Tired of the kids being glued to their latest device?  Then Langkawi will fix that, and educate them at the same time.

Kids (and adults) can ‘get down and get dirty’ while learning about rice and have fun planting in a rice paddy at the same time at Laman Padi.

And while we were there, we even found a whole patch of 4 leaf clovers – How lucky is that?

Not to forget that Langkawi is a UNESCO-endorsed Geopark.

Sea and the Sun

Slip, Slop, Slap.  Time to get packing and enjoy all the fabulous choices here.  There are just so many things to do in Langkawi, that once your kids find out, they will be begging you to go.

We enjoyed a sunset Cruise and ocean swim, parasailing, and even a family jet ski tour visiting 8 islands and maneuvering through caves.

In fact, I will be dedicating a whole article to all the great places we recommend for you to go, see, and do as ‘family friendly’ activities.

Langkawi, Malaysia

©Exploramum and Explorason – Langkawi, Malaysia. Heading into the cave

Fabulous Food

Not the place for a diet! After all, you are on an island, so expect the most delicious seafood, tropical fruits, and other local Malaysian delights.

Langkawi is a foodies dream come true.

There are so many fabulous restaurants and cafes, that you won’t have enough time to try them all, but even if you manage a handful, you will be delighted.

One lunch we were just needing some alone time, and so we organized a fabulous takeaway and ate back in our rainforest apartment at  Ambong-Ambong Rainforest Retreat.

And then there are the traditional night markets in Langkawi.  Taste, smell and try some of the local street food here and you will be delighted.  I even tried the sea coconut and it was so delicious.


Don’t worry – you’re safe here.  The tap water is perfectly fine and safe for drinking in Langkawi – so no ‘funny tummy’ for you or the kids.

Give it Time

We couldn’t believe just how much there was to do. We thought a week would be perfect timing for Langkawi, but we were on the go every day, and I’d suggest a 2 week holiday if you have the time.  For those that like living creatures, then you can enjoy the sea, land, and animal and bird life at Underwater World, Langkawi. Or head for a Mangrove Tour and walk through a bat cave!


No dramas!  English is widely spoken and understood, so easy for you and the kids. (Bahasa Malaysia is the official language.)

Mountains of fun

Flash, Flash, Flash. All around us people are running around with their mobile / cell phones and cameras taking photos.

Make sure you take time to visit Panorama Langkawi.

Here you can visit the 6D CineMotion; ride the world’s steepest cable car called Langkawi SkyCab to the mountaintop; walk the suspension Skybridge for a panoramic view of the island, and visit the 3D Art Museum.

And much, much more. Not to be missed!

Holiday in a Flash – You don’t need a Visa

Save time and money with this Visa-Free vacation.  If you have an Australian Passport, then you can enter as a tourist for up to one month, without a visa.  Consult your Embassy for other countries.

Perfect Ending

The hardest thing for me to do was to try and select a perfect place to end this chapter of our travels.  But I’m so glad we did. It honestly was just the perfect ending.  With over 60 countries we have visited around the world, what could have been more perfect than ending it all with a Sunset Cruise?

We took a dip in the Andaman Sea; ate the most delightful banquet, ate, drank and laughed as we watched the sunset off in the distance, and finished the night with Karaoke singing “We come from a Land Down Under”.

So as tomorrow sees a whole new chapter of our travels starting, we end this chapter in Langkawi perfectly.

For more information on Langkawi please visit

Want to see more of where we stayed –

CLICK HERE to watch our YouTube

Questions and Comments

  • What do you look for when choosing a destination?
  • What are some of the things that would make you to never choose a destination?
  • Our readers will be pleased to learn from you. Feel free to leave a comment in the comments section under this article.

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20 thoughts on “Hottest New Holiday Destination For Families – Langkawi

  1. I’m gutted we didn’t get to Langkawi when we were in Malaysia a couple of years ago, it sounds like the perfect place to end a trip and it’s great that not only is it beautiful and appeals to couples, but there’s also a ton of stuff for children and families too, no-one has to compromise. The rice planting looks fun, always good to know where your food comes from (we did it in Laos and I never knew before that exactly how rice grew!).

  2. Langkawi looks very special and has so much to offer. You’ve summed it up perfectly. Would love to have seen those monkeys! The museum looks fun, too. As always, I love following your adventures and always learn something new. I may need a pronunciation guide for your exotic places. 😉

    • Thanks Melody – yes the monkeys can be a hoot but the big alpha male did scare the heck out of me as I wasn’t sure if he was going to swipe my camera and iPhone on the table – so I had no idea which to grab and run with.

  3. I have been in Malaysia too, that country is gorgeous…didn’t go to Lankawi though, but simply because it is more a family destination 😉
    Maybe someday I’ll take my kids there(if I ever have any) ^^

  4. looks like an awesome trip, there’s nothing like delicious street food in the night markets. the beaches looks exquisite and you must have enjoyed the awesome villas! love para-sailing, did it in the dominican and it was super fun..a bit too close to buildings though.

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