Selling possessions and getting ready to go

©Exploramum and Explorason – our caravan trailer we sold

Selling possessions and getting ready to go

Family travel is different from solo travel. It means that you, as a family, will be leaving several items back home as you dive into the sea of adventure and beautiful uncertainty. You will discover that there are so many items that are better sold (Selling possessions) than being left behind to rot and get outdated inside your soon to be abandoned house. Some of the ideas I share here are inspired by a conversation with my luxury family travel experts who work tirelessly to help single parents like me understand what is required of the before and during a single parent travel.

You may want to sell …

Caravan, boat, jet ski etc

(Our caravan was aptly called “Destination Paradise”.  Sold so we can reach our real Paradise Destination!)

Family Home
Investment Property
Vehicles including Motor Vehicle – suggest you do this last.

Selling your home or investment property

Be pro-active if you are selling your home. Don’t just leave it to the Real Estate Agent. Have them print for you some flyers and go to a nearby area that is one step down in price from your home, and letterbox drop.  Or put them on cars in a shopping center or area event.

Try to control the newspaper advertising – you could be up for thousands of dollars. Find an RE Agent that has good web exposure.  Our agent had his own Facebook page.

I also listed on Facebook when we had Open Inspections, and there are Real Estate Facebook pages.  Be prepared; it could sell quickly or slowly.

 Sell unwanted furniture and household items

These include bikes and sporting goods that could be outgrown – to lessen storage costs and space

If going for over 2 years, can I suggest you sell computers and electrical goods? They date and will be worth little on your return.

Garage Sales & on-line Sales

Have a good few sales.
Start clearing out as soon as you decide to go.

Garage Sales

I had 4 garage sales – I merged with friends at their houses, and also did one at the start for 3 days here, prior to the house going on the market.
The last one was once the house was sold, and my essentials packed.
Also, try to do that on a Friday to Sunday.
I made the most $$ each time on a Friday.

Parents are child-free and partner free (no whispers of “you don’t need that”)!. They have more time to browse.

©Exploramum – money we earned

Selling online with eBay, Quicksales etc

I suggest you sell good items online to maximize funds. My son sold all his toys and the money is for a visit to Disneyland etc. I let him choose what to sell or keep. He only regretted one thing.

We were fortunate that a motel was setting up a kid’s playroom for guests, and we sent 17 large boxes to Queensland.

I also found out that the fewer the toys he had, the more he played with the good ones.

Selling Plants, Pots and Garden ornaments etc

Clean up and tidy your garden and decide what you want to keep, sell or rent with your home.

If you have beautiful pot plants, they might not be so beautiful when you come back.  They may die from not being watered or the person career for them might become ill, or move. In other words, a plethora of circumstances may see your treasures end up as dead sticks if you leave them in someone else’s care.

I am selling off my good ones on eBay (you will get more $$ than a garage sale) or offer them to the house buyer when the house is sold.

The remainders can then go in the final moving sale, and what is not sold can then be left under the care of family and friends.

selling up

©Exploramum – some of these things were sold

Questions and comments
  • Would you sell your possessions in case you re traveling?
  • What do you do with your most treasured possessions in case you are about to travel yet selling them is not an option for you?
  • Please leave your comments below.

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