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South Italy. Pizza, Crumbling Buildings, And The Mafia

As our South Italy train slowly comes to a halt in the Naples Central Station, we can almost smell the aroma of pizza, mixed with the musty smell of old decaying buildings, as the worn and damaged cobblestone paths dipped and fell under our feet.  The air is filled with mystery as Napoli, as it […]

Kids Growing Up With A Life Of Travel

Last weekend we have enjoyed three lovely nights with the American family from The Talking Suitcase. Based in Nice, France their children now attend school here, and they live in a lovely apartment in the old town area of the city of Nice, just behind the seafront promenade where we have been invited to stay […]

Is Cinque Terre On Your Bucket List ? Top Tips And Things To Do

We knew a person once who went on and on about Cinque Terre, Italy.  She had read the book ‘One Thousand Places To See Before You Die’, and had added Cinque Terre to her bucket list, but is Cinque Terre on your bucket list?  Read on ….. She visited in summer and told us how the […]

Family Travel Ecotourism Temples And More

Articles that talk about our world journey Learning Travels – Culture Travels with Kids by Marta … …wrote this great EcoTourism article about us visiting a Bear Sanctuary in the snowy mountains of Romania the Christmas time of 2014. Are ecotourism and family vacations an impossible match? And Sarah Osio from Travelosio includes us in her […]

Fine Dining at Fiori di Murano Sanremo Italy

The minute you walk into Fiori di Murano at the Royal Hotel Sanremo your eyes fixed on the glass flowers.  These appear suspended from the ceiling, as chandeliers, on the walls, and artistically decorate this magnificent restaurant. We have made a reservation for the smaller of the two dining rooms, with the larger being a grand room […]

Luxury Royal Hotel Sanremo at Riviera dei Fiori

As we drive along the coast of Italy today, we are delighted to see the ocean for the first time in months, and we feel we are leaving Winter behind us.  It is a beautiful seaside known as Riviera Dei Fiori, The Riviera of Flowers – Sanremo. You may have grown up hearing of Sanremo as […]

I am madly in love with world-schooling

My friend Annalisa from Mom with Backpack has invited us to Italy to be part of the Children’s Tour in Italy. Here we meet up with many other Italian travel bloggers, and I also meet an amazing and positive family. The Mum, Elisa is also a travel and world-schooling blogger. So a little more about world-schooling. […]

Slovenia to Croatia – simply sensational

Slovenia to Croatia – simply sensational Leaving Venice Italy, it is now time to drive toward Trieste, and then on to Slovenia. Having been told the tolls are quite high on this motorway, and also not being a motorway fan, we drive through a lot of farmland. We stop for food, and the little store […]

Venice and Murano on a rainy day

Venice and Murano (Italy) on a rainy day The last two nights we have spent in Reggio Emilia – below Milano and we wish we had longer to stay. Our friends were amazing, and the time shared was very special. So with regret, we left as it started to rain again.  We drove on to […]

Meeting ‘ Mom with Backpack ‘ from Italy

Meeting ‘ Mom with Backpack ‘ from Italy Read the great Mom with Backpack blog here. Travel has some amazing benefits. One has been to connect with other travelers. Another has been to connect with other bloggers. This time we get to meet and stay with a family who love to travel and love to […]

Falling in Love with Florence

Falling in Love with Florence Italy After two weeks of relaxing with house-sitting in the Italian hills, we are ready to see a bit more of Italy – on our tiny budget. We have just had to pay for both the cost of the exhaust and muffler to be replaced in our vehicle, and there […]

Free Italy Accommodation with Housesitting

  We find ourselves with an amazing opportunity for free Italy accommodation that we want to share with you. We find ourselves now traveling with just the 2 of us, and Explorafriend leaves us as she wanted to go to her family in Italy, so we dropped her onto a train in Rome. So our […]