Exploring Anglesey Wales and Caernarfon

Exploring Anglesey Wales and Caernarfon

We had a great night last night at the South Stack Hotel, and then we walked to town. On the way, we spied the old Fort that had been turned into a church.

Next, it was over the footbridge to get the car from Hertz at Holyhead.


Exploramum and Explorason – Anglesey Wales # 2 Holyhead

Once we had the car, we were set to go.  The cleaner at the hotel was dead set we visit South Stack, so off we went in our little car.

We found the hut circles dating back to 500 BC on the way and had fun working out how they would have looked, and which ones would be used for what.

When we arrived at South Stack we knew we were in for a great view. It was lovely as Explorason dashed around picking me pink, white and purple flowers – come to think of it, we were not too sure after he did this if it was actually permitted.

There is Ellis Tower, and inside is free bird watching, which my son really enjoyed.

The view is magnificent. The lighthouse was closed, but hunger overtook, and we headed to the cafe.

We had to try Welsh Rarebit – cheese on toast with some secret sauces and spices. I loved it but too spicy for my boy.

Next, we drove around the coast to a bay, and then we decided to try some back roads. We saw gorgeous lambs of all colors, and we had a great time taking photographs.  Then we spied a sign that directed us to a windmill and decided to head there.  Little did we know friends from Australia were actually stain nearby and had stopped to take a photo at the same yellow field the day prior.

At the Llynnon windmill, we had our own private educator.


Exploramum and Explorason – Anglesey Wales # 9 Melin Llynnon

With a thick Welsh accent, he proceeded to explain all the history and facts in such an interesting way, that we were torn to leave.

He put explorason to work grinding flour.

Next, he had him trying to lift sacks, and using pulleys.

We then went out to see the circle huts they had restored.


Exploramum and Explorason – Anglesey Wales # 13 Melin Llynnon Circle Huts

We spent about 1 hour out here. The level of learning was wonderful.  He even taught Explorason to make rope from a grass.

We left with regret. I wish we had more time in Wales.  This guy was amazing!  We then drove on the A5 through the windy fields to the longest town name in Wales.

We decided by looking at the map we would like to go and visit a walled city.  So off we drove.  We saw the bridge that separates the island and headed on.

We stopped and asked a local who directed us to Totters Hostel right no the edge of the inside of the walled city. Probably one of the nicest hostels we have stayed in for a long time.

We ended up with a huge room for ourselves, and there was a lovely little courtyard to look out onto. A fabulous kitchen and two entertaining areas. It was all we needed. So we headed to Morrison’s Supermarket where we left the car in the long-term car park, then went shopping so we could cook dinner at the hostel.  One thing we found was we had to cover the bags left in the car and leave it blocks from the hostel, but I daresay this is going to be the norm in UK and Europe in many places.

This is a beautiful town and well worth the visit.


Exploramum and Explorason – Anglesey Wales # 19 Caernarfon

Caernarfon has some fabulous old pubs dating back centuries like this one.


Exploramum and Explorason – Anglesey Wales # 20 Caernarfon

But in the end, we wandered the streets and decided to watch the sunset over the water with a drink.

Wales is simply stunning.  It is a lovely place to see and I am looking forward to what tomorrow holds.  As the sun sets over the water, the night chills and it is time to head back to the warmth of the hostel.  It has been a really full day already. Love Wales!


Exploramum and Explorason – Anglesey Wales # 22 Caernarfon Sunset

Questions and Comments

  • Have you been to Anglesey wales and Caernarfon?
  • How fascinating did you find it to be??
  • what was your experience?
  • Do share your opinions with us below.

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