Going Away? Find The Perfect House Sitter

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Going Away?

Find The Perfect House Sitter

You are about to go for your next vacation or business trip and are wondering who will remain behind to watch over your home or take care of your pets, and you need to find the perfect house sitter.

This event can be a stressful decision that most travelers with pets or property have to deal with every time they are about to go away.

Perfect House Sitter

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So What Do You Do to find the Perfect house sitter? 

Some home and pet owners decide to use an expensive and impersonal kennel and cattery, but they are still left with an empty home and an unkempt garden.  Or you might choose to engage the services of a gardener in your absence, adding expense to your vacation.

Others may bring in the services of a relative and friend, but many a story is told of being let down at the last minute, or expectations not being met, or the neighbor begrudgingly assisting causing strain on relationships so they are in no way the perfect house sitter

Finding That Perfect House Sitter

However, with a house or pet sitter from a professional site such as Housesit Match, there is a sense of security.  With the perfect match of a houses sitter to your property, the dates are set, expectations are met, and there is peace of mind as you venture off.

Perfect House Sitter

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We are here to assist you in your quest to find the perfect house sitter.  

From our current house sit in the Adelaide Hills we’ve been speaking with Housesit Match. We’ve learned about their upcoming expansion into the Asia-Pacific region, and are excited to interview several potential holidaymakers and address their top concerns about engaging the services of a house sitter

So we are here to give you the answers to the concerns homeowners may have.

Perfect House Sitter

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Is the Sitter a Pet Lover?

Pet owners should try to secure the services of a house sitter who is good with animals, and in particular, will give their loving friend as much care and attention as they do. Such a person would be able to take good care of their pets while they are away following routines, diets, medical requirements, love, rubs, pats, tickles, cuddles, and exercise – to name just a few of the pets needs. You pets will be well fed and groomed by this person and given loving care and attention.

The decision to have someone care for your pet will also help you avoid the high expenses they would otherwise be incurred if you paid for pet care services at some local kennel or cattery. While it is at times hard to find that one perfect person who will handle your pets with much care, it is important to match the skills of the sitter with your much-loved pet.  Housesit Match is a website that specializes in just that – matching the right pet sitter to the job and helping you to find the perfect house sitter.

Perfect House Sitter

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Is the Sitter Experienced?

There is really no issue working with a first-timer sitter, as long as they have personal experience. As it is said, experienced people also had a time when they were first-timers. However, this should not be your first option if they haven’t been vetted by a good house and pet sitting site to ensure they are right for the job. This is because some people are at times lacking in the skills that are required of what is expected of them. Some are likely to have expectations that are overrated if they have never cared for a home or pets previously.

It is for this reason that you are always advised to try hard and consider using a site recommended house sitter.  An experienced or professionally recommended house or pet sitter understands what can go wrong, what to ask leading up to the sit, what makes you as a homeowner feel comfortable, and also prevents mishaps or poor communication from happening.

Experience can be required in a diverse range of ways when finding the perfect House Sitter, and each home and property is unique.  Likewise, each country has its own peculiarities that come with the environment around them.  Here in Australia for example, often animals such as rabbits and kangaroos must be kept away from eating the household plants on country properties such as one we cared for in the Adelaide Hills. 

Bush turkeys, dingoes, and foxes can also kill, attack or scare your much-loved farm animals, and it is important that the sitter is responsible to be on the property at the right time to feed and tend to every need.

Perfect House Sitter

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Is The Sitter Trustworthy?

The house sitter you choose has to be someone you can trust. This is crucial as you will be leaving them in charge of your priceless or sentimental assets. Some will even have to take care of your rare breed of pet. Rather than picking someone and getting worried all through your vacation, go for a person who has successfully gone through a security check.

Referral is also important as you get to work with someone whose personal information can be traced through a website or another individual just in case of anything.

Fortunately, websites like www.housesitmatch.com do that. They hook you up with house sitters who are trustworthy after conducting a security check on them. You get to see their crucial details on the website and learn a bit about them before making your selection. This makes vacations ‘ stress-free’ as you are assured that the person you left behind can be trusted with everything within their reach and under their care.

Coco the Maltese Shihtzu

©Exploramum and Explorason – Use a registered pet sitter – not someone referred by a friend – Our precious Coco went to stay with a pet sitter, and in 2013 the petsitter wrote and stated she was hers and refused to give her back. We have been trying to find her ever since.

We had our dog Coco kept by a petsitter back in 2013 and she refused to return her ever since. We’ve been fighting for her ever since, so always have a contract.  She was not through a trusted site, and we did not do a police check as she was referred to us.  Housesitmatch will protect you and ensure the person you are using is safe.

Is The Sitter Fully Committed?

Engaging the services of an experienced sitter means that you require that their personal commitments should not interfere with your desire to have them look after your pets or home.

Some people engage the services of friends, family or associates who have little time to look after their homes. They are never the most appropriate choice as homes are left unoccupied since they are ever out day and night when they should be at your home.

A perfect match such as a house sitter from Housesit Match is one that assures you of his availability during times that are more crucial to you. If you feel like you need your house occupied every night, bring in someone who is less of a party goer and more of a stay at home man or woman.  

If you have a garden, ideally you would select a keen gardener or a health-conscious house sitter.   Or should your pets need indoor company, a writer might just be the ideal companion for them?  If you have an energetic dog, then a family might just be the right choice. Where the children can play ball for hours with your pet, or long daily walks (exploring the neighborhood) can be taken with your dog.

Perfect House Sitter

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Who Is Your Sitter Coming In With?

House and pet sitters can work as individuals, couples, two friends, or small or even large families. It is only a matter of preference as to whom you feel comfortable within your home. You might want to make your choice based on the size of your home, or if it might need the services or a handyman if it is a remote or older property.  If it is very big, then a family might be desirable. However, if it is small, then you can even opt for a single person or a couple.  All you need is to make a choice that is based on the space you are ‘offering’ and your personal needs and preferences.

Perfect House Sitter

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How Clean And Tidy Is The Sitter?

A good house sitter is one who is clean and very responsible. The greatest thing you can expect as you come back home from your vacation is a home that is as good as you left it, or having your home presented in a clean and orderly fashion.

Having a house sitter on your property means that should any incident occur whilst you are away, that they have been able to deal with it professionally.  A tree could fall and damage the home, a pipe burst, or even an electrical fire or fault occur.  Having someone inside your home gives you that added security that they can handle whatever storm mother nature might send, and deters burglary and theft.

Perfect House Sitter

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How Do I Find A Housesitter?

The easiest way to find a house sitter is through online sites. You can try this by visiting www.housesitmatch.com. It is a social media platform that brings together a community of homeowners and housesitters.

All you need to do is to sign up for an account, after which you, as a homeowner, will be able to find and possibly choose a housesitter from the long list of interested and reliable people. The good thing about this company is that, as mentioned above, a security check is conducted on every member. This ensures that its list of housesitters is made up of people who are trustworthy and reliable. You will find people who can either look after your home, pet or both.

So now comes your decision time as a homeowner.  You need to take the next step to find the perfect house sitter, and we are here to help guide you.

With Housesit Match expanding their services to Asia and Australia, now is the perfect time to find the perfect match for your pets or home.  But they don’t just offer their services in this neck of the woods either, their qualified and experienced sitters are positioned all over the globe. This means that whether you are in Africa, Europe, South America or many other parts of the world, they can find a sitter that is right for your property or pets.

And with 50% off their joining fee, today is the perfect day to sign up on their website.

Let Housesit Match use their skills to match you with the perfect sitter for your home.

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Questions and Comments

  • Have you ever used the services of house sitters before?
  • What advise would you give someone looking for the perfect house sitter?
  • Please let us know in the comment section of this blog. 
Perfect House Sitter

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15 thoughts on “Going Away? Find The Perfect House Sitter

  1. I’m considering using a house sitter when I next go on holidays but I’m still a little bit nervous about it as I haven’t done this before. I guess it’a all about finding the right match like you say and someone who loves pets and will look after ours as we do!

  2. Very informative post! I’m currently doing a house sitting for 3 months in Sweden. It’s great to be part of this movement, which brings so many benefits both for hosts and sitters 🙂

    • This is true Radu. Its great to housesit and there are lots of lovely people to meet. there is a new group out too where you can meet up with other housesitters around the world in your location.

  3. Thank you for this post. I was searching for more information on house sitting – and found your post. I’m keen to try it but my husband isn’t – as he’s worried about how our insurance might be compromised if something happened while we were away 🙁

  4. This is super helpful as we are planning to be away for a few weeks in the summer. We have a cat that we prefer to leave in the house so a house sitter would be perfect.

  5. This is fascinating. My adult daughter (college age) is looking for some summer work between classes and this might be the perfect thing for her. Thanks for the tips and I am sharing this link with her.

  6. Great post! I have a lot of friends who do housesitting but all the articles on other travel blogs I’ve seen are from the perspective of how to be a good housesitter or how to get into housesitting so it’s nice to see from the other side. I’ve thought about using a housesitter before but have been a bit nervous — as you say I guess it’s just about finding someone you trust.

  7. This is great. We’re hoping to embark on some longer term travel in 2022 and have been considering house sitting and also getting a sitter for our own place. Lots of food for thought in this, thank you!

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