Halls Gap The Grampians An Australian Piece of Paradise

Halls Gap The Grampians

An Australian Piece of Paradise

We’ve traveled all over the world and visited many amazing countries, but right here in Australia, we discovered Halls Gap The Grampians – an Australian piece of paradise.

an Australian piece of paradise

©Exploramum and Explorason – Road Trip as we head to The Grampians

We all experience that ‘one instance’ when we take a sigh and say “I wish I knew.” We had this moment when we visited Hall Gap on our recent Australian road trip.   Here in this small area of country Victoria, we were in for a surprise.

Never in the world had we have thought we would ever find a place so heavenly and picturesque as this place.  If only we knew how wonderful this place was, we would have visited it earlier than we did. We loved it and here is why:

The Kangaroos

Unless you are told, you might think that Halls Gap Caravan Park is part of the Grampians National Park as we found ourselves ‘smack bang’ in the middle of nature with kangaroos at the doorstep of our cabin!

The Halls Gap Caravan Park and Grampians National Park are very close to each other, and on many occasions, Kangaroos are spotted all over, eating grass and seemingly posing for photos. One good thing is that they are always in good numbers, meaning that you can never miss a chance to see and interact with them on a daily basis.

Who visits an Australian piece of paradise?

I noticed a LOT of international visitors from USA, SE Asia, and Europe all getting up close and personal with the kangaroos, and because there were so many kangaroos around and they were so docile, this meant that there were ample time and space for everyone to get the photos they wanted without disturbing the kangaroos. No wonder it is considered an Australian piece of paradise!

Excited Kids

During our stay, we also noticed that children were really excited to see these beautiful animals. We realized that most people visit this Caravan Park because of this one experience with the wild. It is simply a lovely experience. All we needed was an experience with nature, but we got more – We discovered that it was very close to the Grampians National Park.

Australian Piece of Paradise

I think what surprised me the most, is that even though I visited here as a child and in my teens, it seemed to have only improved in its natural and spectacular beauty and really is an  Australian piece of paradise.

I had moments together with my son that I can only describe as surreal and breathtakingly beautiful.  This area is Australia at its best.  Driving along we saw majestic birds both small and large, and even had an emu racing along inside a fence line keeping up with the speed of our 4WD!

The Mountains

The violet-colored mountains can be spotted not far away from the park and are actually directly accessible for hiking from the Halls Gap Caravan Park. They look purple and lovely and are frequented by nature lovers, adventure extremists, photographers, and artists and is definitely why this area is known as an Australian piece of paradise.

Because of the great road system, there are vantage points for the handicapped too.  In fact, The Grampians can be spotted from the main highway that runs between Adelaide and Melbourne and stopping for an Instagram photo on the way to Melbourne is actually what lured us into returning here now.

Dining With The ‘Drinking Kangaroos’

One of the most special moments of my life occurred right here on Sunday night! Although we had a cabin where we could cook, we were ill prepared as we literally were ‘winging it’ when we arrived at the Halls Gap Caravan Park to stay, so we decided to dine out and I am so glad we did!

If you also like to eat out, then you might want to visit Halls Gap Hotel a short drive from where we stayed and is not like your average Aussie Pub.  Little did we know that this is quite a famous and favorite spot in Australia and that tables should be booked – even on a Sunday night, but although the cool summer evening was approaching, we decided to dine out on the large balcony/decking area, and I am so glad we did!

Enjoyable Meals

We enjoyed our meals as we soaked in picturesque views of the sun sinking behind the purple mountains to our left, and kangaroos feeding before us at the waterhole, or hopping through the grasses in the distance.

As I sat sipping a glass of chilled Australian white wine, I realized that although I had traveled to nearly every continent in the world, my very own homeland really did have both beautiful places to visit, and amazing and unique animals to see and enjoy in their natural habitat.

This moment of social eating shared with my son is one I would like to encourage visitors from all over the world to experience.  A great meal, a lovely drink, a nice hotel with cheery staff, and the most magical site before your very eyes.  Sitting here I realize it is about the whole experience of being in a relaxed state of mind while enjoying your favorite dish. It is about serenity and peace.

But I also noticed an American couple walk outside, take a millisecond of a look, and then decide it was ‘too glary’ and proceed to sit where they missed most of the view in this – An Australian piece of paradise. So it really is a hidden secret if you don’t know what you are looking for you, even if it is right before your eyes!

Recreational Facilities

There is a public recreation area with a swing, slide, and pool. We saw many campers here as it to be a lovely place where kids can go have fun – definitely under supervision. It is well maintained, with surrounding trees creating a kind of serenity that cannot be found by any other means.


The trees drop many leaves by evening, which made the place look a bit untidy for some, but for others, this became natures glorious carpet bed. I bet that is the downside of having numerous trees in an area if you had to constantly rake them up!

However, fun was still assured for those who wanted to gather them or even roll in them as they enjoyed this FREE moment in nature in this, an Australian piece of paradise.

Accommodation – Cabins and Camping Sites

What I love about a road trip is just stopping along the way and having total freedom as to where you go and for how long.  I find more and more that this is something that makes me really happy, and totally stress-free.

Others I know find it stressful not to have a booking, but we have always found somewhere to stay.  In this instance, Explorason chose the caravan park and wanted to stay in a cabin.


If you desire to stay the night in a cabin, there are so many options from which to choose. Some are highly priced, while others are very affordable. You just need to make your choice based on the size of your family, group, and budget.

However, just in case you do not want to use the cabins, there is a camping site that seems to be a good alternative. You will just need to pitch a tent or drive your caravan into the site for the days and nights you intend to be here.  Whatever you choose, I am sure you will enjoy staying among the kangaroos in an Australian piece of paradise.

The Birds and Trees

To be honest, at some point during our stay, it felt like we were in some amazing botanic garden. There are Australian native trees everywhere. Some are colorful, while others are super green and then we even saw 2 wedge-tail eagles and also a falcon – not to mention of course the emu. They are just so beautiful!

As if that is not enough, we spotted so many different species of birds on different trees. Some were very unique. Their singing woke us up in the morning to a beautiful day in this – an Australian piece of paradise.

Their happy chirping gave us a beautiful morning as we opened our cabin windows to a perfect day that saw the sunrise us from the horizon, kangaroos make their usual stares and wind hit gently on our faces as if to tell us, “wake up, it’s a beautiful morning”.

an Australian piece of paradise

©Exploramum and Explorason – Weekend Getaway in the Grampians

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2 thoughts on “Halls Gap The Grampians An Australian Piece of Paradise

  1. Halls Gap and the Grampians are one of our all time favourite places to visit! Such a special place. I wish we could get up there more than we do. Make sure you visit Fallen Giants Vineyard on your next visit x

    • Actually, we were meant to go there and ran out of time. But it is a great overnight place to stay between Adelaide and Melbourne so we will try to go there next time. Thanks for the tip!

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