Eight Tips For Enjoying A Unique Travel Experience

Life is unique for each one of us, and so your family should also enjoy a unique travel experience too. We have always felt compelled to help parents find ways of making their trips more interesting. It is for this reason that we have come up with tips on how to enjoy a unique travel experience as a family.

Eight Tips For Enjoying

A Unique Travel Experience

This is a detailed list that takes you into their mind of both parents and their kids to reveal to you what is reasonably applicable to any situation.

Here are the eight tips for enjoying a unique travel experience:

1. Have Some Fun

Fun is a stress reliever. It helps people get livelier, healthier and more relaxed. You and your kids need to understand that there is life beyond your busy work schedule or school. You need to help them see the world in 3D. They have to realize that while there are those moments when life gets tough and a bit boring, they always have a chance to loosen up a little and see it more positively.

If you think you have tried out all fun activities, then you might want to consider a ‘breakout’ experience. In the USA, Pittsburgh Escape Room is a fun and unique travel experience activity where you are placed in specific rooms and asked to solve mysteries within an hour. You can be trapped in a plane, be an undercover agent in a casino, find yourself trapped in a volcanic island, go on museum heist to recover stolen artworks or find yourself handcuffed and blindfolded in a strange room. You should accomplish whatever is expected of you and escape from any of these places before you are ‘busted’.

Another enjoyable activity is to rent a scooter or head out into the countryside on a motorbike ride.  We had a great night in Paris in the heart of winter as we explored the city on a scooter tour.

We’ve had massage lessons, horseriding through the jungle of Cuba, and even silly fun in a 3D Illusion Art House where we posed and had crazy fun as a family.  The options are out there for you to be ‘lost in the moment’ and to have a wild and fun time with your child or children.  After all, adults ARE just big kids!

unique travel experience

©Exploramum and Explorason – Explorason sleep in Stone Town Zanzibar Island, Tanzania Africa

2. Get Plenty Of Sleep

You might think this is a strange tip, but an active mind requires enough rest. Without adequate sleep, people become gloomy, dull and bored. As a result, they fail to enjoy even the fun activities you expected them to enjoy because they do not have the energy needed.

In other words, there is nothing that can be replaced with sleep. I understand this fact, and I have seen it work for my family. I never bother to wake up my son whenever he falls asleep because it is his body needing to be recharged.

There are those days when we drive through national parks, and I spot animals like zebras and giraffes, but I just cannot wake him up even if I know he loves such sights. The remedy to this is to ensure that they have a reasonable bedtime so they can enjoy the day’s activities and have that special and unique travel experience.

When you allow your kids to have enough sleep, you will notice the excitement on their faces, as they become more active and willing to participate in whatever you are doing as a family.

3. Eat Nutritious Food

It is always said that since we eat to live, we have no other option but to live to eat too. Parents need to know what food their kids love and how to include nutrition in their diet. If they love potatoes, they can have them try out different potato recipes whenever they visit restaurants, but potatoes can be added to so many dishes that include nutritious content. You have to find an exciting way of making food times to be a time of anticipation.

We have discovered that the best way to enjoy food with teenagers is to first involve them. The most creative way we have done this is by visiting food markets, going on a food tour, or participating in a cooking class – thus creating your families own unique travel experience.

After all that, you will see the excitement that appears on the face of your child when the food they prepared is served. I have personally found Explorason will always try out those new and interesting dishes.

Knowing so much about new cultures also helps them to learn to love and experience certain new foods that they might otherwise enjoy less. It also helps them understand the benefits of these foods to their body when nutrition is also taught.

unique travel experience

©Exploramum and Explorason – Free Gaming Consoles are often available in 5-Star resorts

4. Have Alone Time

Regardless of how much you love your kids and wish to be close to them, you have to know that there are times they appreciate it when you let them have some time alone. This is particularly true for teenagers, but downtime is also important for all kids when traveling.

Do not force teenagers to accompany you everywhere you plan to go on your vacation but give them some ‘me time’ too.  If they are a pre-teen, you might want to try to rent an apartment, home, or multi-room hotel accommodation. This enables your child to safely be alone in one room, whilst you enjoy a quiet coffee and time reading your latest book.  Or even a nice hot and relaxing bath with a glass of bubbly.

There are just those days they want to relax in their holiday accommodation and do their own thing and enjoy some privacy. They can use such times to watch TV or a movie, listen to some good music, read a book, play an online game, or play with their latest technological gadget.

There are times I just have to let Explorason have some time alone to perform specific activities that don’t require me. He loves this personal time, and it also gives him a chance to enjoy the vacation property too, thus creating his own and unique travel experience.  Many caravan parks and hotels now have either free or rentable D.V.D.’s or even Game Consoles you can borrow too, so it pays to ask.

I have realised that when you let teenagers have some time alone, they get to learn to be independent, trustworthy and responsible, which is something they will need as they grow into young adults.

5. Connect With Friends

Peers learn from each other, and this is especially true for children.  With the incredible world, we now live in, distance does not stop them from communicating with their friends ‘back home’ via chats, messages, and social media that uses the internet.

Some of the most positive things a teenager learns can never be learned from their parents ‘telling them what to do’. Kids get to share personal experiences about school, learn new games and perform certain tasks together. Allowing them to spend some time ‘together’ makes them feel trusted.  I often hear my son telling his friends back home about what we have done that day, where we are, and the latest unique travel experience we have enjoyed as a family. 

Kids don’t have to be involved in every “boring” adult activity that their parents are engaged in. With this understanding, I always try to attend events where my child gets an opportunity to interact with other kids.  This is also a great way to make new friends.  Kids Clubs at resorts are especially good for this too.

We also meet up with families from all over the world. I get adult interaction time, and the kids hang out together.  Age seems to be no barrier either, so I find Explorason will happily throw the ball at a toddler, nurse a baby, or ride a skateboard with an older teenager too.

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©Exploramum and Explorason – snorkeling keeps us fit – Diani Beach, Kenya Africa

6. Exercise Together

Exercise and fun are two different things but can often become one. It is true that exercise can be done in a fun way, however, the primary aim of doing exercise is to focus on having a strong and fit body.

Exercise can be as simple as doing few sit-ups in the house, it can be as complicated as hitting the gym and being guided by a professional gym instructor, it can be a vigorous hike or cycle, or s relaxed as a family walk on the beach at sunset.

In our family, body exercise has helped us avoid preventable diseases like obesity and cardiovascular heart diseases. It is especially important for me as an older single parent and helps me maintain the stamina to keep up with an active teenager.

As a result, we have managed to climb hills, jet ski, snorkel, ride bicycles, snow ski and sign up for fun activities together giving us that unique travel experience as a family.  In other words, if some time is spent on being fit, your teenage children will appreciate even the most strenuous fun activities that follow. It helps them be more active and adventurous.

Excercise can also a safe and great way to get out an explore new and unknown territories when you are on vacation.

7. Community Service

Community service might sound like a strange thing to add to a list of tips for a unique travel experience for your family!  Giving back to those who can never repay gives kids a sense of purpose and worth.

It helps kids to ‘get into other people’s lives’ and to understand what these people have to deal with on a daily basis. As they lend a helping hand to those who need their help the most, they get to appreciate what they have all the more. They also get to learn so much about humility as most often, they will have to get down to the levels of those they are reaching out to, to understand what these people are really facing.

If you are looking for what you can do as a service to the community, an orphanage is one excellent place to start with. In our random acts of kindness, we’ve been able to get clothes, shoes, books, and clothes for orphans in the many countries we have visited so far.

If you do not like or approve of orphanage visits, then you can start by going for a walk in the area you are staying and keeping your eyes open for folks you might be able to perform some random acts of kindness for.


8. Photo Moments

As photography lovers, this is one of the things you will find us doing in every location we visit. Yes, we are both keen photographers!  At times we take the photos by ourselves while on other occasions, we ask strangers to help us capture the moments. By doing this, we have been able to make memories that we believe will last for generations to come.

As Explorason grows, he will be able to remember and appreciate the fun moments we have had. At least he can share some of those moments with friends and teach them a thing or two about the places we have visited and the things we have done.

I have noticed that through the photos we took while Explorason was only a few years old, he has been able to remember so many things that he had forgotten about otherwise.

Do not believe when people say to you that your children will not remember the vacation you take them on.  My son remembers visiting Fiji at just three-years-old!

Taking a photograph of that special moment is therefore beyond any doubt one of the best ways to preserve memories and to create that unique travel experience that you will remember for years to come.  And, your kids will appreciate you for that.

Years later as you look at your photo display at home you will remember those precious times as a family together.

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©Exploramum and Explorason – 8 tips for enjoying a unique travel experience

Questions and Comments

  • Have you tried any of the ideas on our list?
  • How was the experience?
  • Please share with us your tips on how to enjoy your own unique travel experience.

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  1. #3 is so true — it’s obviously not “fun” to eat healthy foods while traveling when all you want is to sample 1000 local delicacies. But I feel so much better when I balance some nutritious meals with some of the more indulgent ones.

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