China Family Vacation For Single Parents

China Family Vacation For Single Parents in Guangzhou

As we toured the streets, we kept looking for things that make Guangzhou a great destination as a China family vacation place single parents.  We desired to put up a content on our website that would help parents (and especially single parents) to decide whether or not it was right to visit the city.

After days of touring Guangzhou, we think we found more than one thing that makes this place a paradise for single parents.

China family vacation

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So here is why you need a Guangzhou China family vacation

Numerous Attractions

Canton Tower

Don’t leave the city without visiting the Canton Tower.  It is a ‘must-see’ and is the symbol of Guangzhou on your China family vacation.


You might also be interested in visiting Yuexiu Park to have a look at the amazing five rams statue. There are so many other attractions that you can’t leave the city without seeing. We have already shared most of them in our previous articles. Just make sure you carry a camera to caption the moments. The options are unlimited.

Local Sights

Some of the less know locations that we would recommend for a China family vacation include: Baomo Garden, Shennong Chinese Medicine Museum, and Lingan Impression Garden.


Your family will love a cruise at the Pearl River. We recommend an evening cruise and loved how the buildings lit up with pictures upon them when we took a cruise along the river.

Guangzhou China Family Vacation

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Guangzhou to us felt like a safe place to be as a family. While the number of uniformed police officers on the streets is low, we felt very safe. Maybe it is because the city is not a ghost city – it has people walking on the streets, during the day and at night. Most of them are friendly and cautious, regardless of the language barrier that exists between them and westerners.

As you walk along the streets, you get a feeling that you are part of this community. The existence of so many businesses along the walkways might be another reason why we felt safe in Guangzhou. The businesses make the city lively and exciting.

We felt safe the entire time we were in the city. In fact, people went out of their way to help us.  Metro trains can get busy and crowded and tourists destinations can also at times, so ensure you use the same caution you would anywhere in the world with your safety.  You can read more tips and reports on Guangzhou safety here.

Guangzhou China Family Vacation

©Exploramum and Explorason – We explored the city safely on our own


Streets in Guangzhou are well marked – both in English and Cantonese. This makes it very easy to get your way around for your next China family vacation, especially if you have a map as a reference.

A good thing about Guangzhou is that it is not as populated as Beijing so we later found out. This makes it easier to walk around as it is not so crowded for your China family vacation. We easily managed to make our way to restaurants, markets, and locations like the Canton Tower, or to go shopping.

As a single parent, I always feel relieved when my chances of getting stranded with Explorason is limited. I believe most single parents as it is at times embarrassing to get lost in a place you know little about.

Being able to maneuver your way around a city like this, especially in the main shopping streets, is always a reassurance to your daughter or son that Mum or Dad knows what he/she is doing.

Don’t be concerned if you want to go exploring to find the hidden secrets of Guangzhou as we did.  Navigating our way seemed easy and we never managed to get lost even once.

Guangzhou China Family Vacation

©Exploramum and Explorason – Cantonese Banquet


If you are in Guangzhou for a long time, then there are days you are likely to crave western food. This is the same feeling we had on our visit to the city of Guangzhou.

There are those days we wanted to have a taste of the famous and local Cantonese cuisines and other days when we couldn’t just go to bed before having some of our favorite western meals.

Yes, Western food is quite different from Asian food and it is wise to understand that the cravings for both are real when on your China family vacation.

Finding a variety of western meals was not a bother though. Being one of China’s biggest cities meant that there were a good number of restaurants serving both local and western dishes.

When the craving came, we just took our appetites into some of the popular restaurants in the city and enjoyed what was served on our China family vacation here in Guangzhou. We even discovered that most of the major fast-food chains all have restaurants here too.  I think there is so much satisfaction in a single mum’s face, to know that she can provide the meals they crave for on any day. We were satisfied.

Guangzhou China Family Vacation

©Exploramum and Explorason – The streets are kept clean


Guangzhou is a really clean city and this surprised me!

It seems they care about their city reputation and image. There are litter bins in strategic locations, and it is difficult to spot anyone littering the streets. We often spotted street sweepers and all-in-all it was meticulously clean.  With such cleanliness, you can feel the fresh air that blows in every direction.

As a single parent, this made me worry less about airborne diseases or any other disease arises as a result of poor hygiene. We have had of people who visited unhygienic regions of the world and ended up fighting preventable infections. This could have avoided if the local governments only made these cities clean. But we didn’t feel we had this concern on our China family vacation.

For those of you, like me, who are asthma sufferers and worry about the air pollution, then might I suggest Chinese New Year as an optional time to visit.  Reasons being, that the factories all close for at least two weeks for vacation, so the air will be noticeably cleaner and clearer.  However, with the departure of the cold weather low cloud can make it hazy on some days.  Check the Air Quality of any city here.

For this reason, as a single mum, cleanliness always assures me of my son’s well-being on our China family vacation. You might want to be concerned about that since most kids have a weak immunity as opposed to that of their parents.


Hopefully, if you make the right choices and all goes well, then you will experience the comfort we had when we visited Guangzhou. But overall we thought the prices of hotels throughout China were quite reasonable, as did friends of ours who recently returned from China.

Our hotel provided luxury services that made each day both special and memorable. You should try to get a good hotel for a comfortable stay, as the little extras can make a world of difference. Dong Fang Hotel provided a ‘Turn Down’ service and treats awaited us each evening including delicious chocolates one evening, and a lovely China New Year Eve gift too.

Remember, comfort is not just on the bed you get. It is in every service you receive at the hotel. When you are made to feel comfortable, then you can have some peaceful bonding time with your child. I was able to use this time to help Explorason with his studies, watch movies together and do some personal stuff in peace. There was no noise from the next door neighbors, and the breeze into the room via our balcony doors was heavenly.

If you are planning your China family vacation as a single parent or family, we recommend Guangzhou as a very likable city in every way.


  • Have you ever been to Guangzhou?
  • What made you fall in love with Guangzhou?
  • Share with us in the comment section and help us reach more single parents with useful facts about the city.

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China family vacation

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