Planning Your Trip to Bryce Canyon

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Now that you have decided to visit, your first port of call when it comes to your stay is to choose from one of the many Bryce Canyon hotels located around the area.

There are many to choose from, each of which offers a range of facilities to suit every explorer. While you are deciding where to stay, here are some top tips for an enjoyable stay in the national park.

The Visitor Center

Once you have settled into your accommodation, the first port of call should be the Bryce Canyon Visitor Center where you can purchase the required maps and books that you may need. The center also has a handy 20-minute video which educates you on the national park, and there are plenty of exhibits to see that teach visitors about the cultural and natural history of the canyon. From here, visitors move on to the Bryce Canyon Lodge before venturing out into the rim trail.

The Weather

Within the area of Bryce Canyon National Park and the Cedar Breaks National Monument nearby, elevations can approach and even go beyond 9,000 feet, resulting in temperamental weather conditions. What’s more, the areas are prone to road closures in the snowy season and cold nights even well into June.

Air is considerably cooler towards the rim of the canyon than it is at a lower altitude. If you choose to visit in the summer, the area can get extremely busy with long queues of traffic, so it is recommended that you take a shuttle bus to explore instead. For a quieter period, the months between October and March are always great months.

Fees for the Park

To enter the park, visitors do have to pay fees. The current entry fees are $30 for each vehicle which provides you with a pass for 7 days to explore the park. For cyclists or pedestrians, the fee is $15. Once visitors have paid this fee, it will entitle them to unlimited journeys on the park shuttle. For those who make more than one visit each year to the Bryce Canyon, annual passes cost $35. Some visitors prefer camping rather than staying in a hotel, and to do so, you need to make a backcountry fee of $5 payable for the permit which can be purchased from the visitor center.

Cell Phone Reception

Reception in the Bryce Canyon area can be hit and miss, with the lodge and visitor center being the best areas to pick up a signal. If you receive a reception, make the most of it and make the calls that you need to because you might not get another opportunity to do so for a while. Where the cell phone reception fails, there’s always public telephones located at various points including the General Store, Ruby’s Inn, the Bryce Canyon Lodge and Visitor Center.

Where the cell phone reception fails, there’s always public telephones located at various points including the General Store, Ruby’s Inn, the Bryce Canyon Lodge and Visitor Center.


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Last but by no means least, research the accommodation that will suit your requirements. There are plenty of places to stay in the area from camping grounds through to lodges and the Bryce Canyon Motel which offers the best Bryce Canyon family lodging in Utah.

The choice of where to stay is entirely up to you.

The perfect bed

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