Airlines Going Green – Are Eco-Friendly Airlines possible?

When we travel, we’ve always tried to ‘keep our feet on the ground as much as possible.”

That means we choose land transportation as a preference over taking airline flights.  

But this isn’t always possible. Especially when you move between continents, and over vast seas.

We have many reasons for choosing to travel by land.

One is that we get to see people, towns, vegetation, culture, buildings and more, really excites me as we drive by.

We both love to take photographs, so seeing all this and more has us both ‘snapping away’ out of the bus window, or pulling the vehicle up to a screeching halt and jumping out to capture the moment has become one of our favourite things to do.

But there is another reason.

We are also environmentally conscious, and we would like to play our part in reducing the ever increasing number of passengers taking plane flights.

We want to ensure that we play our part in saving our planet, and keeping the air we breathe clean.

Eco-Friendly Airlines – Are they Possible?

We know that most reading this might think that it is difficult to be environmentally conscious when flying, mainly because aeroplanes produce large quantities of Carbon Dioxide or CO2.

Greenhouse Gas Emissions and Carbon Footprint become terms we start to hear more and more. There are even FREE Carbon Footprint Calculators that you can use online like this link I found today.

More and more airlines are thinking ‘green’ and taking steps to become Eco-friendly Airlines.

It is a known fact that more and more people are flying from one destination to another, and buses travel for example is on the decline. The stresses of the western world are increasing and time has become a precious commodity.  That means that some folks work harder so they have more to enjoy for themselves, but less time to enjoy it with – crazy!

So with this increase in flights, we all need to play our part as they impact the air that we breathe. Not only do the passengers need to choose wisely, but airlines themselves need to also play their part in the ‘big picture’.


Biofuels are one way that airlines are taking steps to improve their effect on the environment. The emissions from the aircraft industry are now ever increasing, currently sitting at around 3 – 4%, which is astounding.  This, however, can be reduced with knowledge, wisdom, and action.

The emissions from the aircraft industry are now ever increasing, currently sitting at around 3 – 4%, which is astounding.  This currently ever-increasing problem, however, can be reduced with knowledge, wisdom, and action.

As these carbon emissions filter down to the air below, we, in turn, breathe in either healthy or unhealthy air.

Breathing unhealthy air is dangerous – I know because I was affected to the point of ill-health in Macedonia recently.

Going Green Onboard

Airlines in the future will look at every aspect of their operations.

From the weight of seats, trolleys, baggage to the products they use, and the food that they serve onboard.  Organic food is now the new buzz, so even top airlines can be found serving organic wines and meals.

The Future Is Looking Green

As more and more travelers think about their actions, so the course of travel will change. Media now gives large coverage to Responsible Travel, ensuring animals are not used for tourism shows, and the mistreating of these creatures comes to an end as a tourism spectacle.

Likewise, the future of transportation will change, as more and more become aware that this is the only planet that we have, and that we all need to take our part in saving it. Airlines should be concentrating less on cramming the seats closer together and removing leg-space, and instead focusing on the environment,

There are great websites now devoted to Going Green and the Green Tourist. These are great resources to find Eco-friendly hotels and airlines right across the world.

I encourage you to Go Green and to support the airlines that have taken the initiative to reduce Greenhouse Gas Emissions.

Together, we can all play our part in saving our precious planet.

Each of us has a part to play.

Please consider an Eco-friendly airline when next you fly.

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