Guayaquil Ecuador – Not Exciting When Money Troubles Hit

We are tired from our long bus trip from Banos, and when money troubles hit today, I’m thankful for the kind person who helps us through.
The night was hot and stuffy and I honestly didn’t sleep well. My son always sleeps well though, or so it seems, and that is the joy of being a child.
when money troubles hit

©Exploramum and Explorason – enjoying a rooftop breakfast in Guayaquil

Breakfast is included at our Dreamkapture Hostel and served on the balcony. We love it when we do things differently in every family travel experience.

We have met this lovely Chinese guy (who lives in Europe) and who is traveling to Peru tomorrow. So we head off to buy the bus tickets together and share a cab. It will be lovely to have company on the bus tomorrow especially as it is such a grueling trip.

When Money Troubles Hit

But, as I try to get my money out of the cash machine I have no joy. We are already having to do cash advances whilst our Travel Money Card is being rectified from a scam, so we don’t have any backup.  This credit card is our back up we are using now.

But the machine won’t recognize an Australian card. We try machine after machine with no joy.  So this man is kind enough to loan me a few $$ so we can secure the bus tickets.

We then head back to bid farewell his friends at the hostel. I gather another card to try in ATMs. I also check my Internet banking. All my money is still there so it is not like I have had another card skimmed which I was freaking out about.

After all, I am still waiting on the funds to be returned from the previous card skimming. The Australian bank says we have to wait another month. I am trying to trust it will all work out perfectly well.

Trying ATM Machines

when money troubles hit

©Exploramum and Explorason – our new friend joins us for a Hop On, Hop Off Tour

We share a ride and arrive at a huge shopping center. I try several banks ATMs with no joy. Now I am starting to panic. He has already bought the tour bus tickets for us and I am therefore to return the $$ to him when I get a withdrawal from the ATM successfully.

Hop On Hop Off Bus

when money troubles hit

©Exploramum and Explorason – decorative art on one of the city buildings

We board the Hop On Hop Off bus on the northern side of Guayaquil city. It is only $6 an adult ticket and $5 for a child. There are only 2 others on the bus including our Chinese new friend. We head around Guayaquil and as we do, more folks get on and off at various stops. (Guayaquil is pronounced as “Why-a-kill”). The artwork we first see is a story depicting battles. We also enjoy the area of Malecón.

Fun On the Bus

when money troubles hit

©Exploramum and Explorason – Explorason is so happy to have a new friend

We head for the city and things start to get a bit interesting. My son loves the fact that we have someone new around. He jokes and pulls faces, and I can see he is enjoying himself with our new friend.

Previously, we had whinges of “I don’t want to go”. He has just officially started his school holidays and has caught up on his writing.  So, this is the first break he has had in 8 months.  I am hoping a 2-week break will recharge his batteries, especially as we will be moving a lot in the next few weeks.


when money troubles hit

©Exploramum and Explorason – as we drive along, trees keep slapping into us

We are constantly told to “duck”. The branches and foliage attack us constantly as we drive around the city.

Tower From England

This moor tower came all the way from England. I read they moved it and added floors and it is along the river area. The river bank is actually a sea so when the tide goes in and out, it changes the flow direction.

Old Buildings

There are a few old buildings. Not many have not survived fire and battles well and most are gone. Overall it is a new and almost boring city we are told.

There is a square with four buildings and a central fountain. If we were not on a tour bus this would have been a nice place to walk through.


Along the river is a monument of Presidents.

when money troubles hit

©Exploramum and Explorason – Santa Ana Hill is the new touristic area

The hill of Santa Ana formerly known as Cerrito Verde is covered with box-like colored houses. There is a lighthouse at the top with a stair walk that we are told has a night market. This area is guarded and therefore safe to walk around so we are told.


There are new buildings being built. There is a sloth or monkey giant statue.

Shopping Centre

when money troubles hit

©Exploramum and Explorason – enjoying a modern shopping center

The tour ends and we head back to the giant northern shopping center to get supplies for the bus trip. Alas, we still can’t seem to extract any money using my credit card – their machines just don’t like Australian Banks. Oh my – when money troubles hit I become anxious! And this is making me panic a bit, but I hope we work it out in Peru.

We are glad we have met a nice friend. Tomorrow will be a long day – a 26 to 28-hour trip!

Questions and Comments

  • Have you ever ran out of money or had your card skimmed while on a travel?
  • Did you have a back up plan?
  • How do you ensure you keep within your budget while traveling?
  • Do share your experiences and comments with us below.

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