Family Time Away in a Caravan

Our experience of Halls Gap would never have been as interesting as it was if we never spent part of it in a deluxe new onsite caravan as part of our family time away.  Tucked in the middle of The Grampians National Park in Victoria, Australia, you can find this piece of paradise waiting for you or your family or friends.

Halls Gap Lakeside Tourist Park

©Exploramum and Explorason – our brand new Olympic Caravan

It is for this reason that we decided to secure caravan accommodation at the Halls Gap Lakeside Tourist Park.  We asked several people “in the know”, then followed the advice of some luxury travel experts in the region who suggested that “the management of this park were just the nicest people ever”, and that the park was “amazing”.  We wanted to experience one of their Glamping sites, but as that was already booked out, we decided that one of the gorgeous brand new luxury caravans was also perfect for our needs.

Family Time Away Means Bonding Time

The decision to stay here proved to be one that was worth taking, as our family travel time became far more interesting, and a time of precious bonding.   This is especially an experience not to be forgotten, and something that those who form the growing group of single parent travel families should also think of doing as a special treat for themselves.

Here are some of the reasons you should consider staying in an onsite caravan at the Halls Gap Lakeside Tourist Park:

Family Time Away in a Caravan

©Exploramum and Explorason – wood fire heated pool

Wood Fire Heated Swimming Pool

There is always a smile on our faces whenever we find an accommodation with a heated pool. It gives us an opportunity to have a good time in the water regardless of how cold the weather is. If not heated, the water would get very cold due to the constant cool breeze from the lake. As a result, swimming would be limited to certain hours of the day when the sun was up and the breeze was tolerable.

However, with a heated swimming pool, kids can jump in at any time of the day and have unlimited fun with your family time away. I am glad that Explorason had the best time of his life in this pool.  I love the way it is wood heated to 38 degrees Celcius too! I didn’t want to get out, but as it is positioned right next to the privately heated amenities, it was straight into the shower afterward!

Campfire, Good Wine, and Toasting Marshmallows

How fantastic is this?  This park in The Grampians has a facility where you can book a metal fire barrel and a bag of wood to be delivered right to your campsite.  We had fun as a family going out and collecting the kindling earlier in the day, but if you don’t have time for that, there are plenty of trees right across the road you can have a quick collection from.

Having a campfire is something we really appreciated on our family time away. It made the cold nights warmer and more interesting as we had some bonding time around it. There is a well-stocked store at the front of the park that sells plenty of provisions you might need.  We were able to get a bottle of delicious red Best’s Wine and a packet of Pascall Marshmallows for toasting.

Having time around the campfire can also give you an opportunity to make new friends as a good number of guests take their late afternoon stroll.  It was a wonderful time to sit and watch the evening birds take flight and the sun.  Who needs TV when the local kangaroos also pass through the park!

Such moments made the night more special and something we looked forward to on our second night.

Heated Private Bathrooms

Having a hot shower is something we looked forward to each morning or after a swim. Each guest had a private bathroom, meaning we never shared ours with anyone else. They are 2 rows of back-to-back individual private bathrooms and best yet – they are wood fire heated in winter 24/7!

All are very clean and had a constant flow of clean hot water – perfect for your family time away.

Family Time Away in a Caravan

©Exploramum and Explorason – modern reception and store

Lovely Staff

We were treated like royalty during our stay at this park in the Grampians. On many occasions, the staff here was able to give us the much-needed help we so desired. It is through them that we obtained information on the best discovery spots in the region. They made our exploring less stressful and more fun as a result of their willingness to provide us with directions to various parts of the region and with maps and opening times of places we wanted to visit. They also made our stay at the park very memorable by offering timely services and the preparation of the caravan meant that we arrived to find lovely fresh linen and towels.

Toasty and Warm

Nothing beats a lovely warm caravan with your family time away in the Grampians.  Of course, the option is also for cool air conditioning in the summertime too, but for this winter, we were fine to camp due to the roof reverse cycle heating and cooling.

Interacting with Native Animals

A night in your luxury on-site caravan can give you a rare opportunity to get closer to nature and experience all her beauty. To animal lovers like us, it allows you to get closer to several native birds and animals and hopefully learn something about them, and for Explorason it also gave him the opportunity for some great photography.

Two nights in a caravan allowed us to interact with the beautiful and majestic kangaroos of Australia. Take note that the kangaroos are wild, so feeding is not permitted, and not encouraged in Australia, but are majestic creatures you should behold at a safe distance.   Even though Explorason has NO desire for a personal encounter with them, we both loved so many other wild animals that could be spotted from a distance. The singing birds became the early morning alarm that woke us to watch the sun rise over the clear blue skies.  We even had a beautiful Rosella bird come and watch him pack the vehicle as we went to leave – our own special and memorable farewell.

Halls Gap Lakeside Tourist Park

©Exploramum and Explorason – our brand new Olympic Caravan

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Halls Gap Lakeside Tourist Park

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