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Visiting Cuzco An incredible Colonial city in Peru, South America

Visiting Cuzco An incredible Colonial City in Peru, South America We had been invited to meet and stay with Lainie and Miro, I had been chatting with Lainie, and we had also done an interview with her on her website this month. And then we finally got to meet them both. They had just moved […]

Isla del Sol Lake Titicaca Bolivia South America

. Isla del Sol  Lake Titicaca Bolivia South America Today we were meant to go to Isla del Sol on the 8:30 a.m. boat, but we had a late dinner and slept in. So we took the 1:30 p.m. boat. This was great as we had met two Australians, and they were the same as […]

Rio de Janeiro And Discovering This Amazing City

We are up early to explore the amazing city of Rio de Janeiro. We’re dressed and heading out for a walk along the beach and it is only 7:00 a.m. Where we are staying in our tiny guesthouse there is no breakfast included, so along the way we look for a place where breakfast is […]

Rio de Janeiro An Incredible City of Beauty and Expense

Rio De Janiero really is an incredible city and well worth exploring for a few days! Why are we here in the incredible city? We have been staying out of Rio de Janeiro, about three hours out by bus – mainly as the traffic is so slow? Our house sit is secluded and relaxing, though […]

Bonito to Campo Grande Brazil Then Onto Rio De Janeiro

Due to my foot injury, we’ve had two extra nights waiting to travel from Bonito to Campe Grande. Why We take A Mini Van This meant we are unable to go to the bus station and take a regular bus as I couldn’t hobble there, and the moto-taxis are motorbikes, which are useless with luggage. […]

Bonito Brazil Taboa Cachaça Sugarcane Tour

After missing out on tasting the sugarcane wine yesterday, we decide that today will be a great day to visit the Taboa Cachaca Sugar Cane factory. Our Guest House Starting our day, we have another fabulous and HUGE breakfast at Catarino’s Guest House. The reason many travelers stay at this Guest House is just for […]

Bonito Brazil Balneario Municipal Park – Swimming With Fish

We are staying at Catarino’s Guest House and we want to go and swim with giant fish at Balneario Park.  We’ve just had a really exciting time in the last few days exploring the largest wetlands in the world – right near here in The Pantanal of Brazil. Tour Prices We have picked two of the […]

Pantanal Wetlands Brazil World’s Largest Wetlands Day 3

Day 3 is here in the Pantanal Wetlands and we should be departing at around 7:00 a.m. Therefore, I wake up by 5:00 a.m., take a hot shower and start packing. I’m Singing As birds start singing, I shoot out with my camera to capture their beauty. However, I find myself singing instead, and in fact, I […]

Pantanal Wetlands Brazil World’s Largest Wetlands Day 2

Today I woke – as the sun shone through the wooden shutters of our room in the Pantanal – the world’s largest wetlands, here in Brazil. Good Morning! It’s Day 2 I had a lovely hot shower in our spacious ensuite. Since my son was still asleep, I had to rush out before he woke […]

Pantanal Wetlands of Brazil World’s Largest Wetlands Day 1

Day 1 Yesterday, I did not even know The Pantanal Wetlands of Brazil existed. I was hunting online for hostels and found out that we would be stopping at the edge of the world’s largest tropical wetlands – located very close to the border of Brazil and Bolivia. Wetlands of Brazil So I had sent […]

Roads Blocked by 100 Trucks Force us to Fly to Santa Cruz

We have been waiting for a few days to leave Sucre. The buses can’t pass through the roads that are blocked by 100 trucks or more. This has been going on for some time now, as I later discover. Traffic We manage to get a great deal with BOA – a new airline here in […]

Our Last Day in Sucre Bolivia

Our last day in Sucre, Bolivia is somewhat sad as we love this beautiful city. Sucre has fantastic markets, dinosaur footprints, great parks, and is also so affordable. I have to say that we have had great accommodation at the Hostelling International, and we have enjoyed delicious and inexpensive meals too. When we first arrived […]