Cornwall is lovely in Summer!

Cornwall is lovely in summer!

We leave and drive through the skinniest country lanes. When faced with a VW van we have to back up and the car gets scratched – not happy!  But on we go and stop at a few coastal places.


Exploramum and Explorason – Cornwall #1

Absolutely adore Padstow or Padstein as it is known – Rick Stein is from his place.  The little streets are packed and we madly try to combat the foot traffic and lose.

Our drive after this takes us past the award-winning Cornish Pasty.  So we HAVE to stop!

We sit in the glorious sunshine and realize why the English love their beachside areas, and we are loving Cornwall.

We drive on to Redruth, an old mining town where my ancestors are from. Sadly I lose my photos of the place. So these are my friends.  Redruth has a street festival to celebrate the birth of the steam train – the designer was from here as we are told.  We take far too long here but on we drive after this – so much to see in a day.

Next is New Quay. Explorason wanted to visit the Aquarium and it was really fantastic.  We loved the tunnel and the bubbles, but our favorite was the seahorses.


Exploramum and Explorason – Cornwall – New Quay Aquarium – love the stingrays

We head to the seaside and get a laugh out of the groups hanging out and being cool.


Exploramum and Explorason – Cornwall – New Quay

The guys hang out in groups. They mingle and chat. They seem not to prefer sitting or lying down to busk under the sun.

Next is St. Ives.  We park on the top of the hill (parking costs everywhere you go to) and we wander down to stick our toes in the white sand.


Exploramum and Explorason – Cornwall – St. Ives.

The beach feels fantastic. The sun, the sand and the people we meet.

We even see a couple of famous people but we forget who they are which we find funny!

This is the place to visit if you have time on the English coast. It is beautiful!


Exploramum and Explorason – Mount St. Michael. in the distance

We then drove around to Mount St. Michael. The kids all played down on the steps leading to the island. You can walk out here when the tide is out. We had a lovely drink and talked to others – it was so nice!

We then left and drove to another YHA. Lands End – the end of England. Not nearly so nice as last night, but we enjoyed the night while the English footy was on at a 500-year-old Cornish pub.

What cracked us up was that someone took our photo. This is travel. The Internet is a big part.  This is what we do so you get to read our blog – enjoy.

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