Best Way To Explore And See Paris Is By Vespa Tour

I am now convinced that the best way to explore and see Paris is by Vespa Tour.  Paris is a HUGE city, and it is spread out over many km – on both the left and right bank of the River Seine. It takes days and days to even really see all the highlights if […]

Vietnam Visa On Arrival – How To Get A Visa

Vietnam Visa on Arrival – If you are planning a trip to Vietnam, please be aware that many travelers entering Vietnam will require a valid passport with six months validity and a Vietnam Visa. You can’t simply get a Vietnam Visa on arrival at the airport without the correct prior arrangements and legal documentation. We […]

Cu Chi Tunnels And Mekong River Day Tours Vietnam

Ho Chi Minh city (also known as Saigon) is a bustling city in the south of Vietnam. There are so many motorbikes in Vietnam that at any time, you could look down and they appear as ants moving on the roads below you.  In fact, there are 37 million scooters and motorbikes in the whole […]

Hoi An For Kids – Top Ten Things To Do

Hoi An for Kids?  Definitely !! Hội An has to be one of the most beautiful towns we have ever visited in the world.  So far we have visited 67 countries, so we are considered to be world travel experts, so this is a big statement for us to say! Hội An is a UNESCO World […]

Top Ten Tours And Day Trips Around Hanoi Vietnam

Hanoi is considered the hub of Vietnam. So it makes sense to start your visit to Vietnam in Hanoi, or alternatively end it here, using Hanoi as your base. We started our Vietnam travels in Hanoi and then traveled by coach to Sapa. Here we spent three incredible days touring in this region. We returned […]

Halong Bay Wooden Junk Boat Cruise

Halong or Hạ Long Bay has to one of the most breathtakingly beautiful and famous bays in the world, and today our eyes will finally behold it for ourselves. We can see something on TV, a computer, or read about it in a book, but nothing compares to being here in the flesh and experiencing […]

Cat Cat Village and Waterfall Sapa Vietnam Tour

9:00 am rolls around all too quickly, and we are ready to hike again! I have been up since 6:00 a.m. enjoy my quiet time with a coffee in our room overlooking the misty morning Muong Hoa valley. Every muscle in my body seems to be screaming for attention since our vigorous trek through the […]

Why Families Love To Tour SaPa Vietnam

The first official day of our tour of Vietnam has us both very excited!   We’ve already spent a few days in Hanoi and are ready to go exploring.  We check into the lovely Viet View Hotel and Spa in the center of Old Hanoi, and we have an elegant and classically decorated room, complete with fresh […]

Take A Long-tail Boat Tour in Bangkok

What is a Long-tail?  It is not a long tail of a monkey. Nor has it to anything to do with the long-tailed reptiles that lie on the banks of the rivers in Thailand. As we are in Thailand we will tell you just what they are soon. But first; did you know Bangkok is […]

Why Egypt is safe for single ladies to travel to

Recently I was asked if only married women, or women with partners feel safe in Egypt. So even though I have a child by my side, I am not married, nor do I have a partner. I am a single lady. Yet I felt safe. I stayed in what I considered to be safe hotels. If […]

Egypt through the eyes of an Australian Boy

Here is a blog that was written by Explorason about his time in Egypt and the amazing tour we did with Egypt Uncovered. We hope you enjoy reading about it, as much as we enjoyed our time there. Here is the link … click on it below   Here is a small extract “The first […]

Guinness Factory Tour in Dublin Ireland

Guinness Factory Tour in Dublin Ireland Our 7-day road trip has come to an end. We get caught in roadworks getting the car back in time to the Airport. One great thing is we were able to collect from one airport and drop back to another with no drop-off fee. We make it at 2 […]