Fancy Boutique Villa Siem Reap Cambodia

Siem Reap is famous. Famous for Angkor Wat, and also famous because the iconic movie Tomb Raider was filmed here. What is interesting about Siem Reap is that it is a relatively small city and that the hub for tourists in the main part of the town revolves around the Pub Street, and the Old and […]

Bus, Train or Car: The Best Way to Get Around the UK

The UK is not the largest country in the world, but in order to travel from city to city, you will need to decide upon a mode of transport, as walking is not an option and cycling may not be wise. Most people drive or use public transport (train or bus). Each mode of transport […]

Giraffe in Nairobi

The last two weeks or so has seen spending quite a lot of time in two capital cities. The first was Kampala, Uganda.  I was driving a large 4WD we had hired from Expedient Car Hire (loved their service and great rates) in crazy Kampala traffic, and with Explorason being a magnificent navigator. Somehow he would manage […]

Goodbye Ireland and hello Wales

Goodbye Ireland and hello Wales Today sees us saying goodbye to Ireland and to house-sitting Interested in housesitting? …………………………. or Join Housecarers.com here and help fund our travels housecarers.com ……………………….. If you would like to house-sit, please join Housesitmatch.com by clicking here. Fantastic news – use this special in the “Redeem Coupon” section.  Then enter EXPLORAMUM-10 and get 10% off too! You’ll also […]

Stuck in Sucre Bolivia Road Blockages

We should be heading for Brazil from Sucre, however, there seem to be road blockages on every exit out of the country. Road Blockages I have already booked our bus tickets to Santa Cruz. Initially, we were told that this was a 24-hour strike on all major roads in out of the city with road blockages. Then we […]

Dinosaur Footprints in Sucre Bolivia

It is Monday, and time to go exploring for dinosaur footprints which we are pretty excited about. Today’s exploring in Sucre, Bolivia is on an educational level. One thing, as a single traveling parent that I try to keep a balance with, is education and exploring. This needs to be balanced with rest and fun […]

Long Bus Ride To Potasi. Things Go Wrong in Bolivia

Today we find ourselves on an unexpected long bus ride. We want to move out of Uyuni as the past 2 days have been a nightmare. My son is weak from being in the hospital, and I want to move on in case he needs treatment at somewhere not so remote. Arriving For The Bus We […]

La Paz to Uyuni Bolivia with a Maniac Driver at Night

  “Oh my gosh” we declare, as our maniac driver weaves in and out of cement barricades at high speed. This is one fearful ride as we head out on our bus to Uyuni to visit the Salt Flats of Bolivia. I am pleased to have woken up feeling pretty well and not nearly as […]

Puno Peru to Copacabana to La Paz Bolivia

Today we are heading from Puno via Copacabana to La Paz by coach. Tour Scams We have already lost money on a tour we had with Escandinavia Travel. They were unable to complete the tour (stating the borders were all closed but refused to give us a refund) They tried to take us on local tours […]

Lima to Arequipa Peru By Coach

We have just managed to get a great deal on a TEPSA coach to travel from Lima to Arequipa here in Peru. TEPSA is a newish coach company. Booking Coach Tickets They have a deal that two seats on each coach to ‘selected designations’ are massively reduced. So we arrive in the hope that we […]

Guayaquil Ecuador to Lima Peru Longest Bus Ride

Today is a huge day, as we embark on the longest bus ride we will ever take in our travels.  These past two days have been a joy as we have met a lovely Chinese guy who lives in Europe. Yesterday we have bought our tickets, and so today we now await our bus in Guayaquil. […]

Guayaquil Ecuador – Not Exciting When Money Troubles Hit

We are tired from our long bus trip from Banos, and when money troubles hit today, I’m thankful for the kind person who helps us through. The night was hot and stuffy and I honestly didn’t sleep well. My son always sleeps well though, or so it seems, and that is the joy of being […]