The Burren Ireland Day 3 of our Road trip

The Burren Ireland Day 3 of our Road trip continues …

It was nearly 2 pm. When we left the car par of the Cliffs of Mohar, and we didn’t get to go to the left-hand top part. We were would you believe, too hot, and too pooped!

So as the cafe was overcrowded, we headed for the next town.

Well, the town is packed!  We see bus loads at the Irish pubs, and we drive on. The next block we find a deserted one, and it is just us and the fire!

We have an amazing lunch in peace and warmth, and then a couple of locals came in and guided us to our next destination. The Burren. Well, The Burren is actually an area, and there are different roads and ways to see it.

Well, we stopped the car to take a photo – with no idea we had hit a jackpot spot.  Here fantastic limestone rocks form a plateau and have been etched away by water in lines, looking like some madman has gone wild with a jackhammer or chainsaw. The lines etch deep and are like nothing I have ever seen in South America, or for that matter, all of our travels.

Sadly, I have so many fantastic photographs, and I can show so few, but I am impressed – very impressed!

On one side is the rugged sea, and on the other, harsh plains of freeze burned grass.

We continue our drive, and as we do, we find a whole new Ireland.  The local guy at the pub tells us to hit the ocean road, and as we do we see an incredible amount of really old homes – like this one! Stone walls are everywhere. Held together with nothing.  Life tells a story of farmers, and shepherds who placed stone upon stones as they worked the freezing fields.

The coast road is deserted. Life feels as though an atomic bomb has gone off, and destroyed all bar us.

We are alone. Very alone. And the stillness and peace are breathtaking

Suddenly I find a building that is like a mini abbey. It is actually a covering building for a well. A spring comes in from the side. So precious was this in time gone by, it was given protection and became sacred. A small altar with Mary is also inside.

This area really needs a week to explore – not half a day.  We rush in and out of the car like mad tourists as we discover so many beautiful places.

There are also caves to visit and a cheese factory, but we got to both of these and missed a tour, and the cheese factory was closed for Winter. Darn – that would have been very educational!

Pulaborne is a Portal Tomb area and is definitely worth a visit.

Along the lines of Stonehenge, you will learn how human remains and other bones have been found in this area. Thought to be a sacrificial site, or a burial ground and portal tomb. Again this is an area you can explore and often be alone and for FREE.

We enjoyed our area here. Nothing stops you from the serenity you can enter into in this area.

We leave as the afternoon gets late, and we still have a long way to travel.

Stone walls meet, twist and join at the sides of the road.

We hit a town and sorry, I can’t recall the name and find another castle, but we have no time to explore.

Finally, we head to Galway, and it is near evening time.  We find a great pub to stay. Another blog. another time. This has been a really long and eventful day.

Another day in Ireland I hope I never forget!

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  1. I read each and every word of your trip to Burren Ireland Day 3
    I can not tell you how these areas , with stones , with remains of old ages and old homes fascinate me…
    I really loved your writing style as well and I wished you have uploaded more pictures …
    Looking forward to read more about your travel experiences.

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