Salthill Galway Ireland Wards Hotel Irish Music

Salthill Galway Ireland Wards Hotel Irish Music

We have had a really long day.

We raced around the mad peak hour traffic – well mad for Ireland, and we try to get to a hostel, but the hotel strip seems to be in a walking mall area, and a park to park zone at the end.  It is raining and I don’t want to go there.

So we head on and follow the traffic flow. We find one hotel with no breakfast and it is a bit of a ‘drinkers pub’ so we move on.  By now the peak hour traffic really is flowing.  The streets are one lane so it backs up and is slow.

By now my son is tuckered out and asleep in the car.  I lock the doors, and bob in and out of places to try and stay with no joy. Most are over our budget.

I seem to migrate to Salthill and was recommended to stay at his beach area.  When we get there the accommodation is 70 Euro a night, but we meet a lady who recommends Wards Hotel since they are full.

We head down and are delighted to find a traditional Irish Pub, with free rear parking, and we are told the Irish musicians jam their form 8 p.m.  So we book in for Bed and Breakfast.

Our room is pretty cozy.  It has an en-suite, and a TV and a window to the street – all good!

We do discover there is no evening meal served here, but just down the road is a cottage pub that serves meals.

We head over there for in my opinion an overpriced meal. Tiny serves and a little bit too gourmet for an Irish Cottage Pub. We leave a bit hungry, and a lot poorer!

As we walk back into our Ward Hotel, the musicians are just starting and a few locals and travelers are sitting and talking.

I sip Bailey’s Irish cream – perfect for the night, and my son has a chocolate bar.

I cannot believe how many musicians are crammed into this room on a Monday night.

If you come to Galway, travel 10 minutes out of town and stay here on a Monday evening, and enjoy real Irish music – for free!

Here is our Youtube of a bit of the lovely music!

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