Take Your Family Glamping – Not Camping

Take Your Family Glamping

– Not Camping

Why You Should Take Your Family Glamping on Phillip Island

Phillip Island is where you get to experience the very best of nature in a quiet and undisturbed manner should you venture here to try family glamping. Here, you get a rare opportunity to reconnect in a closer and more tangible way with the environment. This is because you will also experience nature and the native animals of the region.

Family Glamping

Whilst on Phillip Island, you be able to watch penguins come on land in the evening, koalas on trees and many other native animals of Australia. It is also the place where luxury travel experts believe you should take your family to immerse yourself in the moments of time. Time away from technology and to discover the luxurious world of glamping.

Family Glamping

©Exploramum and Explorason – The Sheltered Glamping Co. Emporer Safari tent we stayed in

When GlamXperience, the manufacturers of this amazing alternative accommodation contacted us about a new space on Phillip Island. This is because it leaves a minimal imprint on our beautiful environment, we knew this was the next unique experience we wanted for our travels.

Here tourism and sustainability meet eye to eye in simpatico with the indigenous Bunurong people whose land here is sacred to them as Aboriginals and the forefathers of this nation.

Deluxe Style

By staying in off-grid at The Sheltered Glamping Co. we experienced the decadence of the Emperor Safari tented accommodation. We were, therefore, able to get a rare opportunity to see animals like wallabies get closer to their luxury tents.  This is something that is less witnessed by those checking into the normal brick-walled accommodations.

This is exactly what I hoped for with family glamping. Time away from gaming for my son, and time to reconnect with nature and it is the type of family and luxury travel experience most only dream of.

Suits All

Whether you are a two-parent family or are you are off exploring with single parent travel, this is the reconnection you probably desire with your child or children. Or even if Mum or Dad need time to relax away from the home chores, this is the place for you!


©Exploramum and Explorason – Enjoying a luxurious and glamorous picnic set up under the pine tree thanks to Island Days (Exploramum is cozy in her Adrift pompom poncho)

Firstly. What Is Glamping?

Glamping is upscale and luxury camping.  Usually, you have furniture, rugs, and definitely a proper bed whilst still in a canvas tent.  Some now set remote sites up with alternative style buildings and yurts, and this is also considered camping, as long as it has some element of camping to it.

Many are solar powered or off-grid.  If you select a larger tent or building you might have a bathroom, usually equipped with an eco-toilet. But it is time away with nature, no TV etc.

If you are not convinced, here are some other reasons you should take your family glamping:

New And Exciting Experience

If you have never gone family glamping, then this is probably the best opportunity to try it out. You don’t really have to be an outdoor enthusiast to do it.

Perhaps what is preventing you from doing it is the fear that it is the same as ordinary camping where you use basic facilities. Facilities like a showering in makeshift bathrooms, makeshift loos, or external restroom facilities for your call of nature. As you will realize, your imagination is all false here.

Family Glamping

Family glamping is all about luxury, and stress-free vacationing. Though it is mostly in the midst of nature, a paddock, fields, on a beach, in the woods or set amidst a lovely clearing.  Here, everything you have in your accommodation is always modern and private.

It is a unique way of spending your visit to a place like Philips Island and bonding as a family once more. This is therefore without the interruptions of the hustle and bustle of the outside world.

A Better Home Away From Home

Family glamping gives you an opportunity to experience luxury like you have never before experienced. Most of these accommodations are often in the wild, which means you get to come closer to nature and all its inhabitants.

If you have ever longed to do an African safari, then these tents might be perfect for you.

Nature Abounds

If you are not wowed by the flying birds and moving animals, then you will probably be amazed by the many species of plants.  This is where natural beauty is all around.

When night falls, you get to sit around a campfire as you are wowed by the beauty of the heavenly bodies above and the entertainment below. Stars twinkle in the sky as you toast marshmallows, and laugh and tell stories and share precious moments money can’t buy.

5-Star Treatment

What’s more, is that you get a 5-star treatment in the luxury tented sites. Luxury is not just limited to you having separate bathrooms. It goes beyond that as you get kitchen, luxurious seating, modern eco-friendly decor, and the best yet – comfortable beds.

There is a gorgeous pot-belly stove and firewood in your tent so you stay toasty and warm.  Should it rain its no bother as you have a patio area and the tent is waterproof.  Even if it were to storm, the solar electricity will continue to function, as will the lovely hot water shower.

Cubby Bed

There is plenty of room for the little ones with a kind size cubby style bed, and a portable bed for your smaller family member.

For the new Mum or a mother who can’t quite cope with the hard work of camping, this is also an excellent alternative.  There is a safe field for the kids to play in, and a games tent area too.

Floors are sturdy and clean for your family to relax here too as it is raised on a platform and has wooden boards and lovely mats.

This is definitely a type of camping that is desirable to all family travelers.

Quality Time

The real meaning of ‘time is money’ can only be understood by people on the road. Each minute counts because each is paid for. Having quality time is, therefore, the desire of every traveler, and because of this, it is worth paying more to ensure that time is well spent.

Do It Perfectly

Before you go back home, you want to ensure that all you purposed to do is done and is done perfectly well, this is because this is important when you have your family glamping adventure. Glamping is probably a perfect opportunity to experience life outdoors.

You, therefore, get some quality time appreciating the serenity of the environment and just how pure and fresh the air is. It is, therefore, a time to relax the mind as you get an ultimate outdoor experience into a jungle of beautiful plants. Here, the grass is always greener on your side.

Fun Outdoor Activities

Glamping is not worth the name if you are not assured of good fun during your experience too. There are many outdoor activities whilst you are family glamping that is always lined up to make your stay more magical.

These activities should be both exciting and educative because this is important to your family. I, therefore, always appreciate it when we engage in educative activities with my sun since it is only through these, that world schooling is brought to life.

Games Area

If its a nice day there is table tennis and other undercover games. Or take a walk, hike or climb in your natural surroundings. This area is also lit at night so games under the stars are no problems.

Balance as you walk on the plank, collect kindling for your fire, or decorate pine cones – this is the time outdoor activities are invented in young minds.

Native Wildlife

Whilst on the island we saw lots of fairy penguins, seals out in the ocean, koalas, and wallabies to name a few. Your family, therefore, want to ensure you have adequate time to experience these amazing creatures.

For inclement weather or evenings, there are games indoors for fun family time. And if you don’t feel like cooking or want other activities, check out our article on Top Things to do on Phillip Island.

Suits All Occasions

Whether you are a busy Melbourne family seeking a weekend away or an interstate family wanting some school holiday relaxation this is, therefore, a top idea for you. Even an international family wanting to experience authentic Australia, The Sheltered Glamping Co. might just be the place for you.

A Health Booster

Studies show that because those who spend more time outdoors develop an ability to fight off stress and depression. They get to relax their minds as they stay in a serene environment.

Outdoors is where mental health can be a process well-handled while taking a self-guided walk. These walks can be along nature trails and interacting with the beautiful flora and fauna.

Any time spent outdoors also offers an opportunity to absorb Vitamin D, which is commonly known to come from the sun.

Therefore, one of the most beautiful times is to look into a smog-free sky – up at a million stars as you spend precious moments together with family glamping.

All that is needed is to spend time outdoors – something you are assured of if you decide to go glamping.


Have you ever been glamping?

What would your family do with a few days spent surrounded by nature?

Family Glamping

©Exploramum and Explorason – The Sheltered Glamping Co. Perfect place to reconnect with nature

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Family Glamping

©Exploramum and Explorason – The Sheltered Glamping Co.

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Family Glamping

©Exploramum and Explorason – The Sheltered Glamping Co.

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  1. I agree, outdoor time is so important, and this is like the best of both worlds with camping, but not being uncomfortable as tents often are;). I love all the pictures!

  2. Glamping is about the only way I want to experience the great outdoors nowadays 🙂
    I need to get my son away from gaming too.
    Get him away from the Xbox and take his phone.
    I definitely need to checkout Sheltered Glamping and GlamXperience.

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