Top 10 Things to Do in Ireland with Kids

“What are the top 10 things to do in Ireland with kids?”  Recently we were talking with friends about their impending family trip to Ireland, and they asked us for some tips on places to go. Like us, they were hiring a car and driving around the island of Ireland. But unlike us, some travelers […]

Five Great Places to Visit for Christmas in Galway. Stay in budget hotels.

  Smell that? Smells like Christmas spirit to us, and every year that festive ‘whiff’ gets stronger and stronger in Galway city. Always an atmospheric city with its narrow medieval streets and bustling pubs and clubs, Galway takes on an extra-strong seasonal scent in the run-up to Christmas Day. From the transformation of Eyre Square […]

Goodbye Ireland and hello Wales

Goodbye Ireland and hello Wales Today sees us saying goodbye to Ireland and to house-sitting Interested in housesitting? …………………………. or Join here and help fund our travels ……………………….. If you would like to house-sit, please join by clicking here. Fantastic news – use this special in the “Redeem Coupon” section.  Then enter EXPLORAMUM-10 and get 10% off too! You’ll also […]

House-sitting in West Ireland

House-sitting in West Ireland We have arrived at our house-sitting assignment in Ireland. It is a home out of the tiny village, and on the way down a small road that leads to the sea (we see the bay from the sitting room window and the rolling Irish green hills from the kitchen window). Down […]

Easter Sunday in Republic of Ireland

Easter Sunday in the Republic of Ireland We have been house-sitting on a small country property just our of an even smaller country village, in a small country called – Ireland (Republic of Ireland)  for 4 weeks now. Last Easter we were in South America.  Wow, we have come a long way on this world […]

Belderrig Country Mayo Ireland

Belderrig Co County Mayo Republic of Ireland With Sheep and Boat Pier in Mayo in the West of Ireland Our friends have kindly picked us up in their little car, and have taken us exploring.  They head to Belderrig, a beautiful sprawling coastal area, located adjacent to the Atlantic Ocean between Ballycastle and Belmullet in […]

Ballycastle County Mayo Ireland

Ballycastle County Mayo Ireland Ballycastle, County Mayo is in the far western region of the Republic of Ireland. It is not the Ballycastle in Northern Ireland. It is a tiny town or a small village in the rolling green hills of the Northwest and has a small water outlet that leads to the sea. (Irish: Baile […]

Ceide Fields historical site in north west Ireland

Ceide Fields historical site in north-west Ireland Today our friends have kindly offered to take us on an excursion to see some of the Irish countrysides and to explore a historical site. From where we are staying we can see the brown hills of heather plants, that grow along the top layer of unique vegetation […]

Spring in North West Ireland

Spring in North West Ireland Spring is a wonderful time to visit the Northwest of Ireland. The winter mosses and terms are all around the sides of the road and laneways, adding a pretty touch to everything; even the top of fence posts. The sky becomes bluer by the day, and the temperature warms. Bees […]

Goodbye Dublin and hello Westport Ireland

Goodbye Dublin and hello Westport Ireland+ We have all our bags and have taken the DART into Dublin. It was great as we had stayed right opposite the station so it was easy to get our bags moved. From Dublin, we are going to have to take the LUAS tram system to the Train station. […]

Howth and Malahide near Dublin Ireland

Howth and Malahide near Dublin Ireland Malahide is an area just out of Dublin. We are actually here to meet someone, but we didn’t know the castle has many car parks. So we follow the completely wrong signs and end up over a km out of town. But not to worry. There were toilets and […]

Viking Splash Dublin Ireland – what fun!

Viking Splash Dublin Ireland – what fun! Today I have a surprise early birthday present for Explorason. I have contacted Viking Splash and pre-booked tickets. They are not able to run tomorrow as the parade is on, so it had to be today. We climb on board, and are given Viking Helmets! I immediately know […]