Llangollen Canal Boats Horse Drawn and Aqueduct

Llangollen Canal Boats Horse Drawn and Aqueduct Today, we wanted to go on a canal boat ride. As we drove into Llangollen the rain and the showers started. Next thing we knew, we were walking toward the river and a deluge came upon us. On we went, jumping over puddles, and huddling under bus shelters. […]

Harlech Castle and Snowdonia Wales

Harlech Castle and Snowdonia Wales We headed out early as we were planning to go up Snowdonia Mountain on a steam train.  So we drove to the base town, but when we arrived, the mist was thick. I was told not to bother if it is and to come back another day, so as we […]

Wild Pheasant Hotel and Spa Llangollen Wales

Wild Pheasant Hotel and Spa Llangollen Wales Driving into Llangollen just before you reach the town is where we spent the most amazing night at the Wold Pheasant Hotel. We had tried a hostel in town. They had a sign saying call them. Well, we had no phone. We waited and in fact, came back […]

Visiting Sygun Copper Mine Wales

Visiting Sygun Copper Mine Wales Driving along the roads of Beddgelert, Gwynedd you will find the Sygun Copper Mines. Having a son who loves Minecraft, he really wanted to go and see how copper was mined. So we get our tickets and choose our hard hats. We decided blue was a good match, and off we […]

Exploring Anglesey Wales and Caernarfon

Exploring Anglesey Wales and Caernarfon We had a great night last night at the South Stack Hotel, and then we walked to town. On the way, we spied the old Fort that had been turned into a church. Next, it was over the footbridge to get the car from Hertz at Holyhead. Once we had the […]

Goodbye Ireland and hello Wales

Goodbye Ireland and hello Wales Today sees us saying goodbye to Ireland and to house-sitting Interested in housesitting? …………………………. or Join Housecarers.com here and help fund our travels housecarers.com ……………………….. If you would like to house-sit, please join Housesitmatch.com by clicking here. Fantastic news – use this special in the “Redeem Coupon” section.  Then enter EXPLORAMUM-10 and get 10% off too! You’ll also […]

House-sitting in West Ireland

House-sitting in West Ireland We have arrived at our house-sitting assignment in Ireland. It is a home out of the tiny village, and on the way down a small road that leads to the sea (we see the bay from the sitting room window and the rolling Irish green hills from the kitchen window). Down […]

Easter Sunday in Republic of Ireland

Easter Sunday in the Republic of Ireland We have been house-sitting on a small country property just our of an even smaller country village, in a small country called – Ireland (Republic of Ireland)  for 4 weeks now. Last Easter we were in South America.  Wow, we have come a long way on this world […]

Belderrig Country Mayo Ireland

Belderrig Co County Mayo Republic of Ireland With Sheep and Boat Pier in Mayo in the West of Ireland Our friends have kindly picked us up in their little car, and have taken us exploring.  They head to Belderrig, a beautiful sprawling coastal area, located adjacent to the Atlantic Ocean between Ballycastle and Belmullet in […]

Ballycastle County Mayo Ireland

Ballycastle County Mayo Ireland Ballycastle, County Mayo is in the far western region of the Republic of Ireland. It is not the Ballycastle in Northern Ireland. It is a tiny town or a small village in the rolling green hills of the Northwest and has a small water outlet that leads to the sea. (Irish: Baile […]

Ceide Fields historical site in north west Ireland

Ceide Fields historical site in north-west Ireland Today our friends have kindly offered to take us on an excursion to see some of the Irish countrysides and to explore a historical site. From where we are staying we can see the brown hills of heather plants, that grow along the top layer of unique vegetation […]

Enjo Travel Facial Cleaning Cloth

Enjo Travel Facial Cleaning Cloth We have been traveling for nearly 2 years in many countries all over the world. At first, I carried a load of cosmetics and toiletries.  Eye make-up remover and facial cleanser, cotton pads and balls, and a face cloth too. Then I was sent an Enjo facial microfibre cloth for […]