Cliffs of Mohar Ireland Day 3 of our Road Trip

Cliffs of Mohar Ireland Day 3 of our Road Trip

This day was so huge, I’m going to have to split the blog up!! We left and drove toward the Cliffs of Mohar.

We didn’t get far when we saw an old cemetery and I climbed up for a look. Interestingly, it was behind the pub.

It was run down and many of the tombstones were knocked down. However, Explorason found some green rocks nearby, and was very excited!

It was a lovely spring day, and I think we spent an hour looking around. It had a waterfall and a small creek running through it. Next, we went to the Liscannor Stone / Rock shop.

Here we watched a video about the stone industry that was so prevalent in years gone by. You will see in the rock pieces below that we later found, an amazing pattern so sea creatures that lived in the rock before it hardened.  The two pieces we found were great examples, and for my rock collecting son, he as really, really excited.  Now let me tell you if you have a child interested in geology, and you world school, if they find interesting specimens, then let them keep them. If you need to, send them back in a parcel to your homeland.  Later you will be glad you did. To me, he has the right to collect, just like I do.

When we left there, we were armed with a load more knowledge (and for free) about the area. We then headed to the Cliffs of Mohar, and I was surprised that in the middle of no-where was a giant car park, buses, and so many people.  Being a sunny day, everyone had come out of the woodwork! It wasn’t too expensive to get in which surprised me.  You pay to park the car and the rest is free, so if you are tight on money, you can actually park down the road and walk up and it is all free – I found out later.  The car park lady tells us to rug up as the cliffs are windy and cold. Soon Explorason was racing off as the visitor center is covered to make a hill!

There is a fort there, but it was closed. But we headed that way first – there is a lot of walking to be done here.

The cliffs have a rock wall all around them and it is Liscannon Stone. I am glad we have learned about it as people fail to even look and see the wave, ripple, and other patterns in it.  Look at what we spotted!

Many foolish tourists jump the wall and head off down the cliffs to the right.  They also climb over the wall for daredevil photographs. I told one Spanish guy off (thankfully my little bit of Spanish came in handy) as it is a poor example for the children.

We went as far as a daredevil “look no hands” shot – thanks to an Italian guy lifting us both up – poor guy! But there were a good two meters beyond, so even if we fell back it was safe.

The cliffs are stunning.  Interestingly there was a ledge in one area and it fell into the sea, so there is still a risk.

We started to head in the opposite direction and got about halfway. By now we were sweltering. So much for needing coats. I felt like I had a polar bear suit on.

We did enjoy using the telescope and that seemed to take another 15 minutes. Soon we had to go and never made it to the top of the other side.

It is 2 p.m. and we are starving.  We know there is a cute town only a few km down the road, and we see the cafe is really busy here, so we head off.  We will have to do a separate blog for the afternoon, there is just too much for one – so stay tuned!

Questions and Comments

  • Have you been to Ireland?
  • What do you find fascinating about Ireland?
  • Did you get to visit the Cliffs of Mohar?
  • How was the experience?
  • Do share your opinions with us below.

One thought on “Cliffs of Mohar Ireland Day 3 of our Road Trip

  1. Your Irish trip (so far) pretty much followed in the footsteps (tire tracks?) of the one we did in May of 2012. Having driven much of Highway 1, the coastal road on the California coast, including the sea cliffs of Big Sur, I wasn’t as blown away by the Cliffs of Mohar as I might otherwise have been. As you mentioned, it seemed strange to come upon the large car parks and crowds in what seemed a pretty remote place. (That visitors center carved into the hill was pretty neat.) Our younger son also enjoyed collecting things. For awhile, he set up a museum in his bedroom.

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