Carlingford Republic of Ireland

Carlingford Republic of Ireland historical town


Carlingford Adventure Centre and Hostel

We were pretty amazed that we were staying in a hostel. In fact, it was so hard to find, because the front of the building is hundreds of years old in stone.  And it is up a lane that you can only walk to.

And it is hidden in tiny streets, that are off the main road, and you wear your way through.

This feels like real traditional Ireland. LOVE IT!  The prices are good. We have our own room with en-suite, and we can add or leave breakfast.

So we leave our things in our room and head out to find dinner.

Tonight, there is so much on the menu being served for dinner, even though it is the offseason for tourists. Pub upon pub and restaurant upon restaurant are all there to choose from.

So we head to an Irish traditional pub with free wi-fi.

And what do we have for dinner – Baked Beans and chips and bread? Seriously?!

We actually have a really great night, and we end up being the last to leave. He is sweeping the floor – we don’t want to go.  But the hostel is two or three buildings away down the lane, so it is all safe.

We sleep like a log – the room has wonderful heating.

In fact, we sleep in until music comes blasting through the hallway “In the jungle, the mighty jungle, the lion sleeps tonight”.  Next thing I know, we are dancing in the hallway to “Wimboweh, A Wimboweh”.    It is now our new official alarm!  It was to wake up the teenage students here in their sports camp.

Here is the Youtube link, just so you can play it while you read this blog!  Go on! “Wimboweh, Wimboweh”.

We already have our own milk and cereal with us, so it is breakfast in bed for Explorason.

We then have the joy of being helped by the nicest lady at the desk. We tell her where we want to head for our last day with the hire car, and the next thing she has printed out directions and info ration for us. Amazing!

We head off for a walking tour through the village.

The village itself is a place many would love to come and stay at. The old signposts are pretty cool too.

In the middle of town, there is a mix of 15th Century ruins.

On the corner stands an old petrol pump. It is like time has stopped 50 years ago here – and I am loving it

We continue our walking tour to the end of the lane in which our hostel is situated

Here the gatekeeper would have stood and sheltered for a storm in yesteryear.

We head back towards the car. Gee, this really is a cute town!

We barely leave the town side streets and go toward the castle.  The seawall commands me to stop. You can just see the castle behind me.  Wouldn’t this be a great place to visit in the Spring or Summer, I think to myself

Ahh, here it is, the castle. And another place we can climb on walls, and explore all to ourselves.  There is a parking area right below near the seaside and even has free toilets.

This is King John’s Castle!

Soon we are heading up the steps to the side area facing the main road.

I can see my son’s new jeans wearing out in a day as he slides down the sides.

We then head to the front of the castle.  Just imagine living here years ago! What a view

There is an area that has recently been cordoned off, so we find a rocky area to climb.

What amazes me is it is built onto the rock, and around the rock, so we talk about that for a while.  

Mission accomplished – we head down for a rest. Here I am surprised to find flowers – fresh flowers.  I imagine someone sat here who was loved and missed. Someone has left this life, but not left their memory. 

We go to head out of the town but we don’t get far.

Some fairly newborn calves are out in the fields. Explorason had stripped off – hot from his climbing, and next thing I know he has jumped out to watch them in his singlet and socks!

We then stop at Fitzpatricks and have a wander around.  It is a lovely garden center and pub, but it seems to be closed. Darn!

Pots of gold have been placed out for St. Patrick’s Day.

There seems to be an Irish Obama. Take a close look – the similarity is amazing! 

We walk out and head to Newgrange.  I’ll blog about this separately – an amazing site!

We really do love the Republic of Ireland!

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