Road trip around Florida Tampa Lake Wales Day 6


Road trip around Florida: Tampa & Lake Wales – Day 6

I think we are getting used to eating at MacDonald’s for breakfast.

Pancakes, hash browns and coffee has become a trip ritual, in order to get the free wi-fi.

We take our time, and leave around 10 a.m.

As we drive over the bridge toward Tampa we notice the mist roll in, and the sky turns grey.

I also notice how dangerous this bridge is.  No sides. I have heard of too many stories of people jumping off of bridges. No way; it creeps me out!

We find out about a great FREE museum and history village and head there.

It is past Tampa but I am quite into education of late, and American history is interesting my 8 year old.

We don’t stay long as the heavens open, and the downpour is massive.

I ask at the office if we could park there overnight and are told no.

I ask where we could park and she says nowhere near there.

Great!  So we set the GPs towards where we are going to next Tampa.

We try several hotels that night and they are dumps, or not available.

So we drive on.

As we head for Tampa, I realise this storm is set in for the night.

Any hope of seeing Tampa is useless.

So again we reset the GPs and drive on.

Now the next two are not flash photographs, but the heater in the van decides to only blow FREEZING air.

So we grab the sleeping bags and wrap them around our legs.

When we stop my son crawls in the back and pulls out jumpers / sweaters and our warmest clothes.

We are freezing!  How could we have gone from so hot to so cold?

Into the night I just keep driving.  We try country hotels, and seriously some Indians must move their whole families over to run these places.  No, I’m not putting us in a smokey, stake or yukky place.

Finally we try to sleep in the van, but it is not near facilities and my son needs a bathroom.

It is so cold and wet, I can’t even send him out to use the grass.

So again, off we go.

We end up stopping to ask directions at what looked like a fairly basic hotel.

The guy was nice.  He offers us a room.

We look. Freshly painted; big, and warm and dry.

We take it for $40 cash.

In fact we decide to take it for 2 nights.

I wish we had taken it for 4 nights.

Day 2 he dropped the price.

We had a fridge, microwave and a stove.

Oh it was nice to have a hot shower that night.

Tonight, “Bubbles the cargo van” just isn’t going to be our home for the night.




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