Road trip around Florida Lake Wales Day 7

We wake up feeling warm, away from the horrible weather that came in yesterday. Book a hotel room was the best choice. The heavy rains falling on the roof of our vehicle and the sheer cold weather led to this decision.  I feel I am a bit tired after the many hours on road and this is the best opportunity to just relax and feel more at home.

We can access WiFi and browse the internet through our hotel room WiFi. Our laundry can also be done as we take some time to go shopping. This day will be one of those days when we take time off to just relax.

I use this time to repack my luggage and make some hot meal as the day unveils. My son decides he will do some school work and is sitting on the floor practicing his writing when we hear the police pull up next door.

Oh great.  My son goes to the window and next, we see a couple being led out with bags that we suspect to be carrying drugs.  Perfect! So today’s world schooling will focus on drugs.

We see the deadbeats.  We also have a lesson on cooperating with the police. The guy who has been arrested seems to want things to go his way. It is a scary scene to look at. We feel tensed yet we are separated by a wall. We can pretty hear everything that they are saying.

I always believe that we have to use what we see or encounter as a tool for world schooling. We talk about what we believe was in the bag and its effect on people. We talk about what leads people into using drugs and why drugs are bad. Why did someone report them to the authorities? This is another thing we ponder on.

After a bit of word schooling, it is time to go get some groceries. When we come back there are some lovely girls playing outside.  They ask my son to play with them and he is pretty happy about this.  I am pretty surprised how these kids don’t feel the cold, yet it is freezing.

They are so cute.  Next thing they are swapping contact information and friend requests start getting to my Facebook account. We give them a pile of stuff we don’t want anymore. Books my son has read, and summer clothes and shoes I no longer need.

That night the girls come in with 2 lovely pizzas for us. It is the eve of Valentine’s Day and they want to exchange gifts among themselves with each other.

I watch as the three sit outside my hotel window.  It is getting late in the evening, but they are happy and are enjoying their newfound friendship. I am glad we stopped for a day.

I wish we had a longer time in the area. I really, really do.

Questions and Comments

  • What fascinates you about Florida?
  • Have you been to Legoland?
  • How was the experience?
  • Do share your opinions and comments with us below.

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