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Road trip around Florida Legoland Day 8

Road trip around Florida Legoland Day 8 Today is a BIG Day. We had contacted Legoland, but somehow our emails to the promotional link on the web were never received. I tried calling 5 times, but it was always someone’s day off, or they were out or had some other reason.  Soon the 2 weeks […]

Road trip around Florida Tampa Lake Wales Day 6

Road trip around Florida: Tampa & Lake Wales – Day 6 I think we are getting used to eating at MacDonald’s for breakfast. Pancakes, hash browns, and coffee have become a trip ritual. We take this time to use the free WiFi before leaving at 10 a.m. As we drive over the bridge toward Tampa we […]

Road trip around Florida Sanibel and Captiva Day 5

Captiva is a tourist haven. There is a small shopping center at the end of this Island for your shopping needs. You can also find a small restaurant in that same place. Prices are however a bit high over here. It seems to have been designed for the high-class member of the society. You might […]

Road trip around Florida Everglades – Day 4

Road trip around Florida Everglades – Day 4 We leave behind the beautiful Florida Keys and head back toward Miami. Two people told us to take the fast freeway to our next destination, and avoid the ‘boring’ Everglades. We met a lovely inspiring couple when we visited Macdonalds for a bite. They insisted that we […]

Road trip around Florida Key West – Day 3

We had planned to leave Key West early. However, we couldn’t leave without visiting the southern point of mainland USA marker. All fine, but realizing that there had been a big running marathon on this weekend, the line-up for the teams was about an hour long, so we jumped in front for a 2-second photo […]

Road trip around Florida Key West – Day 2

Spending the night in our comfortable hired vehicle was quite an awesome experience. I should feel proud of myself for getting a comfortable air bed for me and my son. However, I realized that there are so many free-roaming chickens and roasters in the streets of Florida Keys. They made too much noise that might […]