Travelling Abroad? Here Are Some Great Ways to Keep Your Family Safe

We all love the joys of a family holiday abroad.

These escapes provide everyone in the family with a chance to relax – as well as forge memories which last for a lifetime.

However, as exciting as getting away is, there are nevertheless still hidden dangers.

If you’re worried about keeping the whole family safe abroad, your best bet is to follow the advice we’ve laid out in this post.

Concerned about the children’s safety?

Check out some of these tips and tricks. 

Train travel Europe

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1. Take the train

If you’re out and about in the country you’re visiting, a smart option would be for you to catch the train as opposed to driving. While taking this form of public transport might result in you paying a small initial fee, that charge is the one and only concern.

Aside from this additional cost (which at times could even rival the price of fuel), you’ll benefit from a series of different factors, including:

  • Not needing to worry about the condition of roads in certain weather
  • No fear of reckless drivers to cause crashes
  • No need to adjust to foreign road culture

Ultimately, taking the train as a group means you’ll have much greater control over your family’s safety at all times.

As well as that, it’ll also make your trip far more stress-free, as you’ll be able to converse with them throughout the journey.


©Exploramum and Explorason – Kids live in a world where everything isn’t always reality

 2. Prep and test the kids

Children don’t always appreciate the extent of the dangers the world can sometimes pose to them. I’m sure we all remember being a child and thinking that the bad things only happened in movies, not in real life.

While that attitude is a wonderful gift, it would nevertheless still be wise to try and offer them gentle reminders of the potential dangers which are lurking out there. You certainly shouldn’t instill them with fear, but using tests to help kids learn is a fantastic idea.

Make it as fun as possible, by first teaching and then quizzing your young ones on how to deal with dangerous or scary situations which might arise on your travels.

It’s probably the case nothing will happen, but it’s better to be safe than sorry.


©Exploramum and Explorason – Spiders in Central America are dangerous

3. Hand out emergency contact details  

Supplying the little ones with important information will go a long way to ensuring they remain in one condition when overseas.

You can tag them with either a military-style chain necklace or place details on paper inside a waterproof bag.

As the CTI outline, the primary details you’ll want to equip your children with include:

  • Emergency contact numbers
  • Parents numbers
  • Name
  • Age
  • Blood group
  • Accommodation contact info

By supplying your child with these useful information bites, you heighten the chances of them being promptly and safely returned. We highly recommend this step, as it serves as the ultimate fail-safe should the worst happen.


©Exploramum and Explorason – “I’m over here” – Choose an obvious meeting place

 4. Assign a meeting place

If you’re in a busy or bustling location, there’s a chance you could lose track of where everyone is at one time. If the little ones don’t have mobile phones to discover where you are, the best bet would be to assign a local landmark to meet back at if people get lost.

It would be smart to make this spot somewhere which is easy to find and recognizable, but that also doesn’t attract too many people. A shop or stall which is out in public is probably the perfect location. 


©Exploramum and Explorason – riding bicycles in SE Asia can be dangerous

5. Plan the trip thoroughly

While things may change when you’re out there, it’s always a good idea to plan a holiday in advance. When it comes to taking a trip with kids this planning stage is perhaps more important than ever.

Preparing for a family holiday is crucial to guaranteeing things run as smoothly as they can. It’s perhaps no shock that the better prepped an event is, the higher the chances of things coming off without a hitch.

Are you slightly more prepared for keeping your family safe when abroad thanks to this handy list?

Making sure your clan is kept in top condition should always be your main concern, so here’s hoping the advice we’ve offered will be able to help you achieve that aim.

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