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Road trip around Florida Downtown Disney Day 9

Road trip around Florida Downtown Disney Day 9 Day 9 of our road trip does not start as we expected. It is a bit of a mess. We did our usual trip to MacDonald’s for the WiFi but later discover that it resets automatically after every 2 hours. So we stay for another 2 hours. […]

Road trip around Florida Lake Wales Day 7

We wake up feeling warm, away from the horrible weather that came in yesterday. Book a hotel room was the best choice. The heavy rains falling on the roof of our vehicle and the sheer cold weather led to this decision.  I feel I am a bit tired after the many hours on road and […]

Road trip around Florida Tampa Lake Wales Day 6

Road trip around Florida: Tampa & Lake Wales – Day 6 I think we are getting used to eating at MacDonald’s for breakfast. Pancakes, hash browns, and coffee have become a trip ritual. We take this time to use the free WiFi before leaving at 10 a.m. As we drive over the bridge toward Tampa we […]