Top Ten Reasons To Visit Langkawi Island Malaysia

Last year we visited the Island of Langkawi on our way back to Australia from Africa. Langkawi is easily accessible from Kuala Lumpur by airplane or a short ferry ride from the Malaysian mainland. It remains one of my son’s favorite place in the world. As we fondly remember our time, we decided to make a […]

How To Protect From Credit Card Thieves

Today I woke to the news my Facebook friend Jodie (who is currently in exotic Barbados) has had her Debit Card funds ‘cleaned out’ or stolen from her bank account.  Her first comment is that “but my card is still safely in my wallet”. How did this happen? I remember all too well that a […]

Explorason Tells You To Go See The World

Now is the time to travel the world. You might not think so, but Explorason tells why in his latest article from Matador Network. You can read it here. Comments Why not give him some encouragement as an eleven-year-old and leave a nice comment for him too? You can do that on the Matador Network […]

Explorason’s Advice To Parents Via Matador Network

Eleven-year-old Australian born Explorason has now been traveling the world for just under 4 years. He has been to 65 countries so far, and he is still traveling. Here is the advice he’d like to give parents in an article he wrote for Matador Network. Please take note, these are his thoughts, and the things […]

I’m 10. I’ve travelled to 64 countries.

I’M 10 AND HAVE TRAVELED TO 64 COUNTRIES. HERE’S MY STORY. Explorason is 10 years old. Not only has he traveled to 64 countries (so far), he has just written his second article for the famed USA travel website Matador Network. Click on the link below to read Explorason’s latest Matador Network article. I’m 10 […]

Eat Your Way Around Langkawi, Malaysia

If you are heading to Langkawi, then bookmark this post. Here we share some of the best places to eat.  Some are a little unusual, and we have tried to cater to all needs, and to varying budgets also. If you are too tired, or just super relaxed, we have included some takeaway as an […]

Take A Long-tail Boat Tour in Bangkok

What is a Long-tail?  It is not a long tail of a monkey. Nor has it to anything to do with the long-tailed reptiles that lie on the banks of the rivers in Thailand. As we are in Thailand we will tell you just what they are soon. But first; did you know Bangkok is […]

Why Travel Has Ruined My Life

Explorason is a ten-year-old Australian boy. He has traveled the world to over 60 countries and is in his fourth year of world travel. Here is a ‘tongue-in-cheek’ article he wrote himself about his world adventures, and why they have ‘ruined’ him. “I’m 10.  This is how a life of traveling has ‘ruined’ me”. Educating is […]

Langkawi Malaysia Things To Do For Kids A-Z

A to Z of Top Things To Do For Kids In Langkawi, Malaysia We’ve just returned from the most fabulous week in Langkawi – which is a tiny island off the coast of Malaysia. We had so much fun we decided to put together an A to Z of things to do there for kids. Please share this […]

A Temple In A Tree In Thailand

A temple in a tree is actually possible!  Hidden inside a tree is a Buddhist temple, not far out of Bangkok, Wat Bang Kung is found (around 100 km out of Bangkok), but you need to look to see it because the tree roots have grown over the temple! We’ve just been to the Floating Markets nearby […]

Don’t Miss Floating Markets outside Bangkok Thailand

When we first arrived at Bangkok we were informed that the old Floating Markets of Bangkok were …. gone …. finished …. kaput …. over. Oh No!  Having visited them 30 years ago, they were one of the memories that I thought would remain institutional forever. A memory I wanted to share with my son. […]

Hottest New Holiday Destination For Families – Langkawi

Recently we decided to continue our world journey and head from Africa via Thailand, and then onto Malaysia.  When I was researching, I discovered the hottest new holiday destination for Australian families, so we decided we just had to go and check it out. We are so glad we did. We had an amazing time, […]