Explorason Tells You To Go See The World


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Now is the time to travel the world.

You might not think so, but Explorason tells why in his latest article from Matador Network.

You can read it here.


Why not give him some encouragement as an eleven-year-old and leave a nice comment for him too?

You can do that on the Matador Network site at the base of the article, or in our comments below.

Simba Safari Camp

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6 thoughts on “Explorason Tells You To Go See The World

  1. I’ve just commented on Matador, however, I wanted to do so here. Don’t let anyone (especially if they don’t personally know you or you them) put you down or doubt what you are doing. Look for the Zapp family (not only on our blog but also on Facebook and YouTube). They are in Europe at the moment, if you don’t know them you should, Tehue is your age but they are a fun bunch. Enjoy your travels.

    • Thanks so much for the kind words. This gave us a chance to talk about Cyber-bullying and trolls and all the nasty judgemental people out in the world. I have not heard of the Zapps so thanks for that – we will check them out!!

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