Lakes District via Lancaster to Preston UK

Lakes District via Lancaster to Preston UK We wake up to the aroma of bacon, eggs, and Welsh home cooking. Our lovely hostess Cath at Brook House BnB in Windermere is making us a great breakfast, and has made me special vegetarian sausages – oh they are fantastic! We then head to Lancaster. I grew […]

Manchester England, for a day

Manchester England for a day Our lovely friends in Preston are having Explorason for a sleepover. So Explorafriend and I head to Manchester. First off is High Tea at Cloud 23 at the Hilton Hotel. It is a bleak and rainy day and the view is grey, but we love the skyline. To us, it […]

The Lakes District, England

The Lakes District, England Today sees us driving our little car, Vegemite, through the country towns of the Lakes District. We start at Keswick. First stop is to park the car. We find out they have a great system where you get a parking dial card and dial-up free parking. Complex to explain, but works […]

Isle of Skye Scotland to Lakes District England

Isle of Skye Scotland to Lakes District England It seems like it always rains on those days we decide to do long travels. It rains, and it rains! And today – it rains! We start with a stop. Our first town is just over the bridge.  Along a very skinny country hilly road. Up we […]

House sitting in the UK

House sitting in the UK House-sitting in the UK is very different. Different from Ireland. Different from Brazil. Different from Fiji. And the list goes on. In fact, each house-sit is unique, has its strengths and its challenges. This house-sit saw us in Newcastle in a small upstairs – downstairs miners home from last century. […]

Sunday in York England – amazing!

Sunday in York England for 3 Australians “The sky is blue” I declare to my Explorafriend and Explorason as we sit in our little house-sit miners cottage and look out the window. We have been busy planning our road trip, so it is time for a break and to go and explore some local history. […]

Sunday in Sunny Durham England

Sunday in Sunny Durham England The clouds billow behind the norman towered cathedral of Durham. Here we stand in awe of one of the oldest cathedrals in England. Our new traveling companion Explorafriend has some lovely people she knows who live here.  So we climb in our little rental car and they suggested they show […]

Visiting Osmotherley and country North England

Visiting Osmotherley and country North England We have been joined by my longtime friend from Australia for the next chapter of our traveling life. An amazing and positive companion, who is also a terrific planner. We had a little hire car, and we were off hunting for a vehicle to purchase. The GPS we had […]

Yay – Our new travelling buddy has arrived

Yay – Our new traveling buddy has arrived !! Today is an exciting day. After nearly 2 years with only my son and I traveling together, we are to be joined by a great friend I have known for 20 years from Australia. There were screams and hugs when she arrived, and we were all […]

Liverpool England UK with a 9 year old

Liverpool England UK with a 9-year-old We are staying with friends just on the edge of Liverpool, so being a bank holiday weekend, we decide that it might be best to head in on Friday and explore. We catch the train to the city. It is spring but the wind is biting and we sit there […]

The Beatles Story Liverpool, England

The Beatles Story Liverpool England It’s been a ‘Hard Days Night’ is playing as we wander into The Beatles Story. Once inside we learn about where the boys grew up. Schools, first bands and general youth of The Beatles. It shows posters and a stage remake of their days in Cavern. You can choose to […]

Llangollen and Conwy to Chester

Llangollen and Conwy to Chester We left Llangollen town and journeyed out to Trevor to capture a photograph of the Aqueduct. From here we became lost. These twisty windy roads with their Welsh names of the next town seem to all merge together. We have little way of knowing which way to go. Left becomes […]