Liverpool England UK with a 9 year old

Liverpool England UK with a 9-year-old

We are staying with friends just on the edge of Liverpool, so being a bank holiday weekend, we decide that it might be best to head in on Friday and explore.

We catch the train to the city. It is spring but the wind is biting and we sit there wishing we had dressed warmer.

Once we arrive in town it is time to go exploring.

We head to the shopping mall street and love the stores. We see a couple of really quaint pubs too.

As our luggage broke we decide to go on the hunt for a new bag.  Soon we are distracted with toys, clothes and notice the consumerism addiction could soon kick back in, so we decide to leave it and go down to the famous Mersey River instead.

It is fun to see the canal bats you can hire. A disco Titanic (The original offices were in Liverpool). Or there is a Yellow Submarine you can sleep on.

We love the Ice-cream trucks they have. So English!  Too cold for ice-cream for me, but do notice many seem to not feel the cold like I do.

It is a really pretty area to explore.  We visit The Beatles Story. That takes about two hours. You can read about it in our blog The Beatles Story.

We run around and take some crazy photos and have a good time. So far we are really enjoying Liverpool.

Oh my, there is a “Ferry, across The Mersey” right behind us just like the song. We both start to sing.  I realize how even exploring Liverpool is an education for this Australian 9-year-old.  We notice all the “locks of love” along the river chains behind us.


Exploramum and Explorason – Liverpool England – Mersey River

We realize it is nearly time for the 5:00 p.m. train back, so we dash up through the streets as bands play The Beatles tunes and busk.  It is nice to travel in comfort on the train back in First Class. This train also goes to the airport and the conductor lets us sit in here as all the carriages are full – lovely!

When we return to our friends home, her nephew Oliver has come to stay for the weekend. The boys are inseparable. They have the same taste; same whit; same food tastes – it was great for him to have a mate!

On Monday they kindly offer to drop us to our next destination.  But before we do we get a tour of the city.

Liverpool is the only city with two cathedrals.  Here is the lovely old one. Church of England and largest in the UK with Gothic style architecture.


Exploramum and Explorason – Liverpool England – Church of England Cathedral

The grounds are massive.

In comparison, the new Roman Catholic Metropolitan Cathedral is modern. Incredible, stained windows adorn this church nicknamed “The Teepee”.

We drive past the long expanse of docks.

We then head to the beach to see 100 iron figures by Gormley that dot the coastline. Known as ‘Another Place‘. The tide is in, but you can just see 3 in the water behind us.

We drive away from Liverpool thinking it is a Lovely place.

Lovely People.

Lovely Architecture.

Just all around LOVELY LIVERPOOL!

We may just have to come back again!

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