Yay – Our new travelling buddy has arrived

Yay – Our new traveling buddy has arrived !!

Today is an exciting day. After nearly 2 years with only my son and I traveling together, we are to be joined by a great friend I have known for 20 years from Australia.


Exploramum and Explorason – checking over the rental vehicle

There were screams and hugs when she arrived, and we were all so excited !!  Explorason had made cards and signs to hold up. We headed off to collect the hire car at the airport. I had no clue where to take her, so we drove into Newcastle City.

I was impressed as I’ve only been in once by bus and I found my way without getting lost.  We had no GPS, but I have worked out I have a keen sense of direction after driving and exploring so many countries.


Exploramum and Explorason – English car

Here at the fantastic Fitzgerald’s, we met lovely people at the next table and started chatting with them.  We decided to go for a bit of shopping at the mall. We met another English couple that was driving around in a little yellow car, but he insisted my son jump in for a photo. As we wandered off, we spied a Pennyfarthing bicycle.  This feels so English! I felt quite proud that my friend Maxine had filled me in on Lord Earl Grey and the monument in Newcastle City Centre. We met a fun “Bobby” named Andrew so we had fun with him! Came back to the car, only to find the parking inspector had been vigilant, and the nice people we were chatting with at lunch had fed the parking meter for us, and bought us another ticket and left a note – how kind!


Exploramum and Explorason and now Explorafriend – wild garlic flowers


Exploramum and Explorason and now Explorafriend – Rape Seed field

Back home, we took the dog for a walk down the lane that runs behind the miners’ cottages we are staying at. Next, we wandered through the Queen Anne’s lace and wild garlic and it was just a beautiful spring English day! It is just like a fairyland path – you just have to skip along! And we did 🙂 As the sun set over the Rape Seed field next door, I felt blessed to have such a great son; a great friend; and a great life!

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