Visiting Osmotherley and country North England

Visiting Osmotherley and country North England

We have been joined by my longtime friend from Australia for the next chapter of our traveling life.

An amazing and positive companion, who is also a terrific planner.

We had a little hire car, and we were off hunting for a vehicle to purchase.

The GPS we had bought obviously had a fault, and we realized this first when it took us down a country lane.

But we reset it and on we went. Not that we minded as the English countryside was beautiful.


Exploramum and Explorason – English countryside # 2

As we drove along, we took a side road to do a U-turn, and there we found a gorgeous cottage and stopped for more photographs.


Exploramum and Explorason – old schoolhouse

There we met a lovely country lady who told us to take the next exit and visit a country town called Osmotherley.  We are so glad we met her! Perfect timing.  As soon as we parked the car we knew this was just what we wanted to see of country town life in England.

We enjoyed the warm hospitality of the country pub The Three Tuns, as we sipped lovely coffees.

My friend loved the old church and graveyard as we walked around reading the tombstones.


Exploramum and Explorason – Osmotherley church #1

It was a good education for my son to read about how many children died and how young they were. We talked about why this used to happen. Suddenly he stopped sipping his frozen ice block and turned to me and said, “You are lucky to have me, Mum”.

We, of course, adored the little village store.

The wisteria was in full bloom and was so pretty as it draped over doorways and garden arches. We then drove on to two towns to look at two vehicles. The GPS tried to make me turn the wrong way down a one-way street, and as I came face to face with a double-decker bus people screamed and honked at me.

Later it told me to go straight ahead at the roundabout. We were on the A1. There was NO roundabout.  This thing is going back!

Finally, we are out, way to look at our last van and discovered a lovely local pub on the way back to the house-sit.

The sun was shining. People walked their dogs, and many stopped to chat with us.

It feels like spring is leaving and summer is coming in the UK. Soon we will have to break out the summer clothes!

Another fantastic day on our ‘World Adventure Travels’.

We thank God for every day we can enjoy this wonderful experience.

Questions and Comments

  • Are you a family that travels permanently?
  • Have you visited Osmotherley and country North England?
  • What experiences do you have?
  • do share your opinions with us below.


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