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Sleep On Nature At Coco-Mat In Athens Greece

We’ve been traveling the world now for over four years, and since 2014 there have been a couple of items that have traveled the world with us. These are our Coco-Mat Aromatherapy Pillow-sachets. Lavender-filled little flat cotton bags go under our pillows and give us each a relaxing night’s sleep. Since they originate from Athens […]

A New Hotel Made From Old Pieces Athens Greece

We all know recycling is important, but when we entered the NEW Hotel in Athens Greece, we were shocked as they have taken recycling to a whole new level. Why? Because the walls, as well as a lot of the furniture and fixtures, are made from the antique and ancient wood that they were scrapping […]

Meteora With Snow In Winter – The 8th Wonder Of The World?

As the snow forms a white blanket and lays softly on the grassy roadside edges, I gaze out of the window and realize that I am experiencing a dream come true. Just over two years ago we visited Meteora in October of 2014, and I have always wanted to return to see it when it […]

Meteora – Greek Home Cooking – Best Restaurants To Dine

Meteoron Panorama Restaurant We had a really early start from Athens the day we arrived at Kalampaka,  and so we walked through town from Hotel Alexiou it was a lovely stroll to the top end of the road just as it curves up the hill. Here we arrived at Meteoron Panorama Restaurant. We dined here last […]

Is this the First Loo with a View ?

We have arrived at Selçuk and it is Saturday night. As usual, we are ‘winging it’, and don’t have a hotel booked as it is offseason. We try a couple and they are both crazy prices for nothing very exciting. But, the minute we walk into the Efes Antik Otel we know we are going to stay […]

We loved Porto Carras Grand Resort Greece

I can’t believe it is our last two nights in Greece, as we have just had such an amazing few weeks here, and loved it so much.  So we really wanted to finish it in style, and relax and unwind before the hustle and bustle of Turkey. So what better place than a resort in […]

The Mysteries of the Monasteries of Meteora

The air is crisp and cool, and the air is filled with anticipation. And, high up in the air, perched on rock ledges and cliffs, are 20 monasteries that are about to unfold some of their mysteries to us today.  We are about to embark on a hike over several kilometers to discover The Mysteries of […]

Meeting the Mayor – Magnificent Meals and more in Meteora

©Exploramum and Explorason – Hotel Famissi We drove nearly all day, with a 2 hour stop in Ancient Delphi, and then heading on past snow-capped mountains toward the Meteora region. We are booked to stay in a lovely hotel called “Hotel Famissi”.   When we drive in Kalampaka, it appears that Famissi is a popular name […]

Majestic view from Meteoron Panorama Restaurant

We have arrived at Kalambaka in the Meteora region, and the sun is just setting. It is a cold evening and we have had a long day and an even longer drive, but we want to see the pretty lights of the town. So we drive just to the edge of town – pretty well […]

The hunt for the Oracle of Delphi

So – where do you seek the wisdom of the Oracle of Delphi? We have seen this in the movie “My Life In Ruins”,  and we thought it was a stone. But as we set out on our hunt, we discover we are wrong – very wrong! We have left Athens (sadly ) and as […]

TBEX Athens through a 9 year old child’s eyes

TBEX Athens through a 9-year-old child’s eyes A kid at a conference?  You might think ‘how boring’, but not for Explorason at TBEX Athens. “Hello, Explorason – I follow your blog and read all about you traveling the world”.  A stranger comes up to us on our first day in Athens and gives us a […]

We ate our way around Athens – our Walking Food Tour

Walking Food Tour Athens Greece Kids want to eat; Adults want to eat: We all want to eat! So seeing food is a major part of our lives, it is also a major part of our learning. And as we world-school and travel around the world, we try to learn all sorts of fun and interesting […]