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©Exploramum and Explorason – Coco-Mat Hotel Athens – ‘Sleep On Nature’

We’ve been traveling the world now for over four years, and since 2014 there have been a couple of items that have traveled the world with us.

These are our Coco-Mat Aromatherapy Pillow-sachets.

Lavender-filled little flat cotton bags go under our pillows and give us each a relaxing night’s sleep. Since they originate from Athens Greece, we decided to stay in the store where they came from.

And these two aromatherapy sachets photographed below, are something that is very unique and special.

Yes, you read correctly – we are sleeping inside a store – well actually, it is a hotel within a 24-hour Bedding and Homewares Store.

How unique is that?

We’ve slept in a lot of crazy and different places around the world, and now we have a new one to add to our list, which my eleven-year-old son thinks is great.

“Coco-Mat so wanted their customers to experience sleeping on their natural fibre beds, that they opened a hotel within the store where you can stay and get the best night’s sleep of your life”,

…. so they tell us as we check-in to their modern hotel in downtown Athens.


©Exploramum and Explorason – Coco-Mat Hotel Athens – Store and Hotel front

Is This a Store Or A Hotel?

When our taxi pulled up outside the Coco-Mat store I thought I had the wrong place, so I dashed in before we unpacked the luggage to check.

Was this really our hotel we had a reservation for that we’d found online through the luxury Destsetters website, as it surely didn’t resemble a hotel?

YES, this is the right place!

We first walk on into Coco-Mat over a massive glass panel in the floor that exposes the basement shopping area and the Coco-Mat Hotel check-in and I must admit I was rather confused.

A young muscular staff member offers to have our luggage taken to our room whilst we are both invited downstairs (via one of the elevators) to the reception area.

Heading downstairs, we pass displays of natural products for the home and bathroom, and later discover nearly everything we see in the store is in use in our hotel room.

Coco-Mat want you to experience sleeping on nature and pride themselves on what they believe to be the best natural fiber beds and accessories in the world!

Our Spacious Hotel Room

‘Jack and Jill’ sinks were a hit with Explorason – who loves having his own space right now.  Plus, the sofa turns into an extra double bed too, so he loved that – more space to himself.

Our room felt very luxurious indeed, and I appreciated the ‘little luxury items’ like slippers that were presented in their own bags and lovely soft cotton robes.

Large Balcony

Our room is long and VERY spacious with light flooding in from both the side window and our own private balcony floor-to-ceiling glass sliding door.

Neutral and relaxed tones are featured both internally and externally, and the large double-sided balcony was a pleasant surprise.

It was the middle of winter but I still went out, and I can just imagine how pleasant it would be on a summer’s evening overlooking Athens sipping a glass of chilled white wine.


The use of aromatherapy plays an important role here at Coco-Mat Hotel.

We were given a new set of lavender pillow sachets (to replace our old ones) to take on our world journey with us which was lovely. Plus, the aromatherapy toiletries provided are also for sale downstairs so we could stock up on those too.

The Greek natural Olive Oil soap was my personal favorite, and so soft on my skin.

Coffee, Coffee, Coffee

For those of you who love a good cup of coffee, then Coco-Mat is the place for you.

Beside a plentiful selection of coffee (and a coffee machine in your room) they have a casual restaurant downstairs where you can mingle with other guests and also enjoy coffee and snacks throughout the day.

I love these drip filter coffee sachets by Coco-Mat.  They fold out and clip onto your mug, and as you pour the boiling water in, you have a lovely cup of high-quality organic coffee. Ideal for traveling – best idea I think I have seen for coffee lovers on the move.

Honesty Bar

They also have an ‘Honesty Bar’, which means guests can come down and help themselves to a hot, or cold alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverage.

Now that is putting faith in their guests and shows a great level of trust. I like it!

A Healthy Start To The Day

Everyone who is a guest here (we hope) have just enjoyed an incredible night’s sleep on their soft and luxurious beds at this 4-star hotel. After all, sleep is their specialty!

Whether you are an early riser or one who likes to lie in, breakfast is a casual and relaxed start to the day downstairs, so people come and go over several hours.

The daily newspaper (in English or Greek) awaits you on the table, along with a healthy variety of foods.

Freshly-squeezed orange juice is presented to you at the table, and your coffee order is taken.

Now you can just sit back and watch as the water cascades down the external garden wall.

We never had room for anything cooked, but if I remember correctly, I think there might be some delicious choices there for you as well.

Of course, local Greek food is always freshly available each day.


©Exploramum and Explorason – Coco-Mat Hotel Athens – motivating signage is throughout the store

Farewell Athens

We’re so thankful for Destsetters as we know we can always find interesting and luxurious places to stay all around the world.

We also managed to explore quite a bit of this Athens luxury shopping and restaurant precinct that Coc0-Mat Hotel is located in.

But as we head to Meteora by train today and our taxi drove off, I looked back and agree…

‘Make this a place to return’. I hope so!

Address: 36 Patriarchou Ioakeim Str., Athens, Greece
Telephone: +30 2107230000

Questions and Comments

  • What do you think about the concept of setting up a Honesty Bar for guests?
  • Would you pass the integrity test? Also, would you overspend or underspend?
  • Let us keep this discussion going through the comments section below.

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