Majestic view from Meteoron Panorama Restaurant


Exploramum and Explorason – Meteoron Panorama Restaurant perched on the rocks

We have arrived at Kalambaka in the Meteora region, and the sun is just setting.
It is a cold evening and we have had a long day and an even longer drive, but we want to see the pretty lights of the town.
So we drive just to the edge of town – pretty well straight up the main street of our hotel, and we spy perched on the rocks what looks to be a lovely place – Meteoron Panorama Restaurant.

Exploramum and Explorason – Meteoron Panorama Restaurant – nestled on a rock

It is a bit early for most diners, but having a child, we want to eat.  So we head in, and we are served with a smile and asked to select a table of our choice.

Exploramum and Explorason – Meteoron Panorama Restaurant – tiny sparkling lights inside and for the view outside too

This lovely man then comes over to us and tells us about the wonderful dishes on their menu, and makes our mouths water with the suggestions of the special dishes of the day.
He even has a great suggestion for Explorason.
So happy to not have to think about what to choose we decide to let him surprise us.
As we relax with a drink, I feel really happy to be in Meteora.
It is a dream of mine to visit this area since my sister and a friend came here and told me all about it, and here we were about to discover it for ourselves.
One thing I have over about being in Greece is the happiness and helpfulness of the people.  They seem to always treat us so well, and I found as I sat here I felt the same with this waiter.
Before I knew it, he had presented us with a starter dish.  It was a Cheese dip with a hint of chili accompanied by an assortment of bread.  I really, really liked it.
Next came an entree of mixed grilled vegetables – a medley of mushrooms, zucchini, tomato and sweet green peppers. (this was great with the dip too).
I like it when a restaurant offers us vegetables.  Explorason loved them.  He has become quite a fan of mushrooms of late, and it is great to eat healthily as we travel.
I have noticed that the Greeks eat a lot of vegetables, and as we try to be conscious of keeping fit and healthy, it is another reason we have loved Greece.

Exploramum and Explorason – Meteoron Panorama Restaurant – Explorason loves his vegetables

The waiter had suggested a nice piece of grilled chicken, rice, and chips to go with the vegetables – a simple kid-friendly meal – nice and filling for this growing boy.

Exploramum and Explorason – Meteoron Panorama Restaurant – kid-friendly meals

Now my main course was just incredible, and the photo does it no justice whatsoever.
It is a traditional Greek dish called “Stamna.”
It is beef, eggplant, and potatoes and it is topped with four different kinds of cheese all melted together – if I remember rightly they were Gouda, Edam, Rockford and of course Greek Feta cheese.

Exploramum and Explorason – Meteoron Panorama Restaurant – traditional dishes all freshly made

I have decided that if I find a great business during our journey, I would share it so others can go there too.
The location of this restaurant was just fantastic as you see the lights of town beyond.
I can only image what it would be like on a warm summer evening out on the terrace.

Exploramum and Explorason – Meteoron Panorama Restaurant – really enjoying the lovely dinner – it feels like there was a Greek Mama cooking in the kitchen

We had a bit of a break – we were feeling pretty full, but we ‘had to leave a little corner of our stomach for dessert’ we were told.

Out came a Greek Dessert called Rabini – this is quince in a really beautiful syrup, served with a cake that seemed to have a hint of orange through it.

Feeling very contented we headed back down the hill to our hotel. We discovered the town stores were open for shopping until quite late – even though it was cold.  We had a nice stroll and a little look around, and then a nice early night.

What a perfect evening.  I am liking Meteora already!

If you come to this region, can I suggest you take a little drive to the top of the hill?  It really is a majestic and magnificent restaurant and view.


Restaurant Name: Meteoron Panorama Restaurant

Location:  Patriarchou Dimitriou 54,  Kalambaka (Meteora) GR 422 00

Telephone:  Tel.: (+30) 24320 78128,  Fax.: (+30) 24320 78138



Date visited: October 2014

Child-friendly: yes

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