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I am about to tell you something that some travelers fail to consider when booking hotel rooms, but it might be a little secret you could well do with remembering. It could be just the little secret that makes you the winning parent when you next plan your vacation, and we all know we are looking for a vacation that makes our family think we are just fabulous!

Many travelers will only consider location and cost when making a hotel reservation. They then hope that everything else will be in place. This is the category of guests that could end up being disappointed and checking out of their hotel rooms as fast as they checked in.

During my time in Bangkok, I have spent some time learning more about the hotel industry and how it works.

After hours spent on my computer, I feel like I have something that will be of help to anyone planning to make a hotel booking.

This one thing is called “theme”.

I have discovered that different hotels have different themes in the rooms and in other facilities. This is something worth considering since people are attracted to different themes.

For instance, guests who are mindful of their health and well-being might want to consider checking into hotels like the Well Hotel Bangkok Sukhumvit 20.

Its name alone prepares you for the theme you expect to find there.

So here are the reasons why you need to check into themed hotels

Malta – A Photographers Dream Location

Perfect location

These hotels are always in excellent locations.

For instance, if a hotel has a theme that is more of peace, you never expect it to be in a noisy location. You always know that it will be somewhere peaceful where you can actually hear yourself think. The management will make sure that this is done even if it means that they make the whole building soundproof.

That is the extent to which hotels go to ensure that customers get what they came in for. Therefore, when I say perfect location, I really do mean perfect location.

Any hotel that is not located in an area that is perfect for its theme might never compete effectively in the vibrant and competitive hotel industry.

Hotel guests can’t stand disappointment.

Keeping WELL When Travelling to Bangkok

Perfect Rooms

Allow me to use an example of the Well Hotel Bangkok Sukhumvit 20 since this is where I got my inspiration.

When you get into the rooms, you feel like you have and a complete tour of the whole hotel. They have everything that any guest would expect from a hotel. I was really impressed that every room in the hotel has a mini-bar.

There are also safety boxes for electronics, which shows just how serious the hotel is about its theme of wellness. Your money and personal effects are ‘well’ protected.

As if this is not enough, Fitness equipment and materials are in every executive room and suite. This is just perfect for the theme that the hotel has already shown to the public.

Based on this, I have discovered that most themed hotels will always have themed rooms. This is where everything starts.

It is for this reason that there are hotels that mostly attract people from the corporate world, others attract the elderly while others attract couples.

Ever Considered A Treehouse Holiday ?

It is all about ‘theme’.

Take for example the Bed and Breakfast we stayed at last year. Their theme was Australian native kangaroos, and a mob of them were right on the front lawn outside your window!  How good is that?

Eyes Peeping Through My Bedroom Window

Perfect Meals

I have to admit that it is impossible to control what people eat.

It is, in fact, harder if these people are paying you to have their meals served as they want it. This is possibly the number one thing that most hotels with wellness themes struggle with.

They, therefore, allow people to have whatever they want but will be very kind to offer perfectly prepared meals for people who would like to have diets that are mouth watering yet still healthy.

One interesting thing about such hotels is that they have chefs who are very skilled at making these meals that perfectly match the themes of their hotels.

Served on a Bed of Ice

Perfect Amenities

How many times have you checked into a hotel and discovered that it had the amenities that you were looking for?  I guess it has been a few times.

Most of these hotels never have one or two of the facilities you would have wished so much to use. There is where a themed hotel comes in. You will always find all the amenities you are looking for when you visit them. For instance, in a themed hotel or property you can stay in a tree house; a train; sleep in a racing car; a tee-pee; a castle or more.

Have a wander through our blogs from past years.  We have stayed in so many interesting places around the world.  We’ve slept on blocks of salt in Bolivia, on a felucca on the River Nile in Egypt, a Palace in Romania and Paraguay, under the stars in Morocco and so much more.

Travel isn’t just about the location, it can also be really important to select a place to stay that is themed around the location.

Your whole family will love it and it is so much fun!

Royalty & Asuncion Palace Hotel Paraguay

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