Keeping WELL When Travelling to Bangkok

Staying fit and healthy is always a top priority for me as a single parent.

It means that I get to share the joy of traveling around the world with my son who is equally delighted to be part of this great experience.

And the minute our taxi arrived at the Well Hotel I was impressed by the modern and positive vibe of this hotel, and although I was tired, I knew I was staying in the right place.  Traveling non-stop wears this older single mama out sometimes, I do confess.

It is for this reason that I try doing everything humanly possible to stay fit and healthy and to distance ourselves as far as possible from sickness and infections. I know that most travelers worry so much about weather changes, mosquito bites, food allergies, and food poisoning to name but a few. These are some of the threats they have to deal with as they move from one country to another. Yes, it is true that there are so many factors that predispose you to disease-causing organisms but there are also great ways to use common sense, hygiene and a great approach to life that can avoid becoming weary or ill when traveling.  And if it does hit you, then to be in a place where you can recharge and refresh as soon as possible is vital.

However, after my visit my visit to the Well Hotel Bangkok Sukhumvit 20, I have discovered that there are many logical ways of staying healthy regardless of where you are.

Here are some of the services rendered at the hotel that ensure that quests remain fit and healthy during their stay in Bangkok.

Exercise Bike

Wow!  I am impressed that the hotel has a suite with an exercise bike and Explorason jumped on it the minute we walked in.  We both really loved this fact as we knew we could effortlessly access the bike every morning when we woke up and in the evening without having to dress for the gym.

The Well Hotel so mindful of the health of guests since they understand the benefits of being in a healthy body. I feel it is more reasonable doing some exercise on an exercise bike than jogging in an area you are less familiar with.

While safety while jogging outside such hotels is always assured, people find it hard coping with the unfamiliar terrains, routes, and weather. They also find it a little bit of an inconvenience hitting the gym for their daily fitness activities since you might have to scramble for the equipment with everyone else.

Having a bike in your own suite, therefore, means that you can perform body fitness activities at any time of the day without any fights.

This subsequently means that the mind is more relaxed, leading to a complete well-being of the body, mind, and spirit.

Healthy Dining

Healthy eating is very crucial to us, and I love it when I know there are great food choices for my son especially when there is a buffet breakfast.

With a focus on wellness here, it ensures that the body has enough nutrients to keep it fit and to get through the upbeat day here in Bangkok.

And long term, failing to eat healthy food would lead to conditions and diseases like diabetes, heart disease, and even cancer. This is perhaps the reason you should consider the quality and contents of the food you take into your body. I was impressed that at Well Hotel Bangkok Sukhumvit 20, food served is well prepared in a clean environment. The right ingredients are also used in reasonable measures to ensure that guests are served with food that is not only clean but those that are beneficial to the body. If you are a health freak, then you should check into such hotels as you travel the world.

I was impressed that at Well Hotel in Bangkok Sukhumvit 20, food served is well prepared in a clean environment. The right ingredients are also used in reasonable measures to ensure that guests are served with food that is not only clean but those that are beneficial to the body and even the complimentary welcome drink is healthy too.

If you are a health freak, then you should check into such a hotel as this as you travel the world as they really have a great outlook on health and well being and this is definitely the new modern traveler’s focus.

Exercise And Enjoy Your Privacy Too

When you stay at Well Hotel Bangkok Sukhumvit 20 you are situated in the heart of Bangkok so the best of Bangkok is right around you.

This gorgeous hotel has five room categories and we were lucky enough to have the Executive Suite available to us complete with a ‘zappy’ microwave and dining area.

All-in-all there are 235 rooms and suites with 143 Superior Rooms, 7 Superior Corner Rooms, 75 Deluxe Rooms, 6 Executive Rooms and 4 Executive Suites.

However, don’t worry if you don’t get this gorgeous room, as all the rooms and suites are featured with mini-bars, electronic safety box, large smart TV and the all-important complimentary high-speed Wi-Fi throughout with a LAN cable in room so this meant that Explorason and I could both use our computers in separate rooms of our 50 square metre suite – with myself at the desk, and Explorason perched in front of our 46 Inch Samsung LED Smart TV.

Both Executive Rooms and Executive Suites include a programmable exercise bike and ours was located right by the floor to ceiling window so we could exercise and watch the world go by in the street below.

For the weight conscious traveller electronic bathroom weight scales are included as well so we could don our lovely robe and slippers after weighing ourselves each morning in the stunning ensuite that had a blind we could elevate to allow natural lighting to penetrate from the street – just another way I thought they had really considered the traveller who doesn’t want to be stuck in a dark hotel room.

PLUS – the ‘Well Fit Box’ is full of great items to focus on keeping well – containing a yoga mat, a yoga block, an exercise ball, a massage ball, and a ‘snappy’ resistance band which was new to me and I really loved. as well as an electronic weight scale to accommodate health loving travelers.

Infused Water

Water is one of the basic needs for healthy living. It is as important as any other healthy solid food and in fact, our bodies need water to survive even more than they require food.

To some, the quality of water is never that important, and so they take it in its natural form.  While there is no problem with that, it is way better to consume delicious infused water since it is full of nutrients that are more beneficial to the body even as you ensure that there is enough liquid in the body. Infused water is also

Infused water is also flavored, meaning that it is sweeter to the taste but rarely to the calories than natural water. With such a provision, even a person who is not used to drinking water more often will increase the intake of water since it has become sweeter and nutritious. You might want to visit hotels that provide infused water if you are a person who is mindful of his/her well-being.

With such delicious water to consume, even a person who is not used to drinking water more often will increase the intake of water since it has become so tasty and nutritious.

You might want to visit hotels that provide infused water if you are a person who is mindful of his/her well-being and of course the Well Hotel in Bangkok is leading the field in this area with several infused water stations located around the hotel for guests complimentary use.

Soothe Away Your Tired Day

If you don’t feel up to exercise, then why not relax in the bath with their complementary

Lavender and Vanilla Bath Salt – you step on the sachet and it infuses the water – how great is that?

Then pop into your top of the range bed that is designed for ultimate comfort and cuddle up on their gorgeous ‘Sleep Well’ cushions,  or tuck your child into bed with the cute complimentary bear.  I confess, I did sleep REALLY well here, and so much so we ran a bit late for breakfast!


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Fitness Centre

I love to keep fit. As an older single mother, it is important to me that I can keep up with my active 12-year-old son.

Most hotel guests desire to have a fitness center where they can access a variety of fitness equipment for their daily fitness activities. This is also a place where they are able to meet like-minded people and exchange ideas that are beneficial to both of them.

It is always nice when the fitness center has all the equipment in large numbers to take care of the high demand from guests in such hotels, a majority of who are always very mindful of their health.

Special exercise classes are also just starting so do enquire about those but spaces are limited so you do need to reserve your place.  The latest one is Water Exercise Classes where your exercise bike is IN the water!  Or choose an aqua Latino class where you learn to dance and keep fit in the water – really cool ideas I think and just shows their modern outlook.

Spa And Massage

There is nothing nicer than being able to enjoy a Thai Massage and then to wander back to your Hotel room and fall asleep.

But what is even nicer is when you receive a complimentary massage – this is on offer during the day as a welcome to their guests here, and another reason that you will want to stay.  I woke with a headache one day and neck tension and so enjoyed a gorgeous massage right before we headed our exploring Bangkok for the day.

With ‘my headache’, gone we were able to concentrate on our Top Things To Do list to explore Bangkok.


©Exploramum and Explorason – Stunning open-air swimming pool

Swimming Pool

Swimming pools offer an amazing way of having fun as you stretch your muscles and generally keep fit. It helps you relax your mind and forget about the issues you left back at home or the issues you have had to deal with over the past days. It is like the water in the pool literally washes the mind clean.

I was impressed by how big, and wide the pool at Well Hotel Bangkok Sukhumvit 20 was. With a pool of such magnitude, hotels ensure that there is no congestion in the pool and that it is kept clean at all times.

This is undoubtedly another option for staying fit and healthy as you travel the globe.

Keeping Your Finances Healthy

There is a cute Tuk-tuk that is usually parked by the lovely courtyard garden, and this drives guests to local transportation like the MRT station so that saves you money on taxi fares – though we walked it to keep fit.

Lastly, I’d like to comment on the great way the Well Hotel focuses on caring for their guests. By booking directly online they create a customer profile that will remember your preferences, and you receive a discount by booking directly with them.

At the moment they have a fabulous promotion on too – so check their website and tell them Exploramum sent you.  That is definitely a reason to feel the tension ease and leaves you more money to enjoy your Bangkok vacation too!

Questions and Comments

  • What are some of the ways hotels have incorporated the idea of wellness into their services?
  • Please tell us based on your experience staying in different hotels around the world.

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