Skibbereen Ireland – a quaint town to visit

Skibbereen  Ireland – a quaint town to visit

If you are visiting the west area of Cork and indeed southern Ireland, please be sure to take some time to visit Skibbereen.

It has pretty pots of flowers, and a load of coffee shops, and many a wonderful home decorating shop.

But this day we decided it was time to get some clothes for the forthcoming farm visit and we wanted a charity store.

Friendly people directed us around town and before long we found 3 in close proximity.

Each time my son asked the price for something, the lady would give him the item!

I scored a perfect fitting pair of warm jeans for 4 Euro.

This is a place to go and bargain hunt.

In fact, there were more stores than we had time to visit.

As we wandered back to meet our friend.

Our friend has suggested we go to a lovely old church that is now a restaurant.

It was burnt down in 2006 and then restored at a mammoth cost, and with great detail.

An I am so glad they did. It is beautiful.

Not only is it beautiful, but it is packed out.

We manage to find the last table in the corner upstairs.  This place is pumping, and on this day rather understaffed.


You may want to visit Skibbereen with a full wallet and buy your clothes before you eat.

It is packed with many lovely restaurants.

Here is a guide – you won’t be disappointed.

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